HD Heads-Up: August 1-7

Are fans of The Block and House Rules ready to rumble?

That’s what TV2 will ask next month, when it launches the latest reality renovation show, Reno Rumble, off the back of the August 5 season finale of My Kitchen Rules.

Despite featuring contestants from two TV3 staples, it’s TVNZ that’s acquired this house-makeover hybrid that went to air three months ago in Australia.

Reno Rumble has a lot going for it,” said the Sydney Morning Herald of the simple premise,in which a team made up of four star couples from previous seasons of The Block faces off against the top four couples from House Rules.

“It’s created and produced by the same people who dreamt up The Block – Julian Cress and David Barbour – with long-time Block executive producer Justin Sturzaker also involved.

“It has enough elements of that show to attract the bulk of its loyal fan base. Yet it’s fresh enough to lure new viewers, too.

“Perhaps it’s best described as The Block meets House Rules meets Domestic Blitz meets Survivor 

“Under the skillful hand of The Block’s seasoned producers and host Scott Cam, it all comes together nicely: tight, fast, entertaining.”

Jeremy Piven’s back in business as Mr Selfridge

But The Guardian was less impressed: “For shows about renovation, it doesn’t seem very … renovatory; as much a new TV format as Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together out of other people’s rotting dead bits is a newborn baby.”

TV1, meanwhile, has two series returning for their third seasons: Mr Selfridge and House Husbands.

The former will air 9.30 Saturdays and the latter, 8.30 Thursdays.

The Telegraph thought Mr Selfridge’s premiere “charming and brisk“, dubbing it the period drama that’s “ideal for times when the last thing you want is to have to figure out why anything is happening”.

But the show’s appeal escaped The Globe and Mail’s critic: “I have no problem with silliness. But this series is sprawling, vaguely defined and utterly bland.”

The first week in August’s also notable for another chance to see Love Child (TV1, 11.30 Saturday), and the finals of Devil’s PlaygroundEmpire, Grey’s Anatomy and Agents of SHIELD.

TV2 also has the network movie premiere of Riddick (TV2, 8.30 Sunday), along with HD re-runs of Evolution (7.00 Saturday), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (10.45 Saturday), Red Hill (1.15am Sunday) and Outbreak (10.55 Sunday) while TV3 has Snow White and the Huntsman (8.00 Sunday), Battleship (7.30 Monday) and The Transporter (8.45 Wednesday).

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8 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: August 1-7”

  1. Just when you thought it was over, they buy Reno Rumble. I have real doubts about this show succeeding for TV2, does not seem like the right fit for TV2. Be interesting to see how it performs, I assume they only purchased Reno Rumble to create a gap between MKRAU and the upcoming season 2 of MKRNZ. Glad TV One is bringing back House Husbands to primetime, I wonder how long it will stay there after last year’s off-peak dumping.

  2. I’m fed up with reality TV shows, I think it’s time for a ban :)

  3. Good news, Leo — TV3 hasn’t been deterred from airing Humans in primetime. It looks as though it may inherit the NCIS slot. There’s a nifty promo for it on YouTube and while TV3’s latest ratecard update doesn’t identify a slot for it, gone are the Tuesday and Wednesday slots for X Factor Oz. Sorry, there’s no sign of X Factor UK, either …

  4. Humans looks impressive Philip, I guess they try and take over the world :)

  5. Reno Rumble is perfect for TV2, just give it a go, it’s new. Give TV2 a chance before you say anything.

  6. I’m surprised to see this show end up on TVNZ. Expected to see it on TV3 airing further away from the Australian airdates. I like how TVNZ also shafted The Block fans a little by promoting Reno Rumble and its cast just days before TV3 finished airing the elimination episodes of The Block’s tenth season – revealing one of the teams that survive (as they also appeared on RR).

  7. I thought Reno Rumble was about earthquakes in Nevada …

  8. Thanks for the contribution, Doug, but this is not a forum for gags that didn’t even make the cut of your Reno Rumble preview. (I’ll be posting Doug’s terrific preview of Bogans tomorrow and his grumbles about Reno Rumble next week.)

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