HD Heads-Up: August 31-September 6

Hawaii Five-O is resurfacing in primetime the same night Indiana Jones’ “demon love child” premieres off-peak.

After weeks of enduring lousy ratings for Chicago Fire, TV3 will replace it on September 3 with the ‘60s crime reboot that sank in the same 9.30 Tuesday slot two years ago.

The network persevered with Five-O in primetime before re-running the first one-and-a-half seasons late-night.

That was surprising in itself, given the strategy put fans even further behind the US while scarcely carving out a new audience for the show.

But even more astonishing is Five-O’s primetime revival from episode 10 of season two on the eve of season four going to air in the US.

TV3 may be giving it another chance because of (i) the show’s longevity, (ii) the likelihood it couldn’t rate worse than Chicago Fire, or (iii) it thinks TV2’s ailing Body of Proof is so vulnerable that there couldn’t be a better time to relaunch Five-O.

One of the shows TVNZ thought would be big in 2013, Zero Hour, wound up having zero prospects.

Most US critics wrote off this “demon love child of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Rosemary’s Baby meets National Treasure” after the pilot.

And the ABC network didn’t wait much longer: it axed the conspiracy thriller from Prison Break’s Paul Scheuring after only three weeks.

But The Hollywood Reporter said, “Despite a mystical storyline with potential for over-the-top silliness, this is a rare network drama that takes risks and therefore is worthy of viewers’ attention …

“Lots of twists and turns involving Nazis, Rosicrucians and clocks make this crazy ABC drama starring Anthony Edwards worth the ride.”

The Wall Street Journal was another fan, albeit with reservations — “We await further developments with interest, if not driving hunger” – and Entertainment Weekly dubbed it “a serial that’s unpretentious, geeky fun but actually needs much more if it wants to be a never-ending Da Vinci Code”.

But the Boston Globe thought it as “sophisticated as Jonny Quest, TV Guide wondered if it was “the worst or at least silliest show of this or any other recent season” and The Washington Post argued it was “rancid … The plot is like receiving a colouring book that’s already been coloured.”

Also of note in HD for the week starting August 31:

❑ The live season finale of Mitre 10 Dream Home (TV2, 7.30 Tuesday)

❑ The season premiere of the National Parks walkabout Wild About New Zealand (TV One, 8.30 Tuesday)

❑ The season finale of The Food Truck (TV One, 8.00 Sunday) will be followed by the premiere of Family Secrets (TV One, 8.00 Wednesday), in which Food Truck chef Michael Van de Elzen tries to whip up a gourmet version of a family’s favourite recipe

❑ The network movie premieres Mars Needs Moms (TV2, 7.00 Sunday) and Friends With Benefits (TV2, 8.45 Sunday)

❑ Re-runs of Shrek 2 (TV2, 7.30 Saturday), Kung Fu Panda (TV3, 7.00 Sunday), Babylon AD (9.00 Sunday) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (TV3, 8.35 Monday).

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    August 22, 2013 at 9:08 am

    I guess Mitre 10’s live final should beat The Block NZ that night, being that it just started. Great to hear, Phil, about Hawaii Five-O, finally the wait is over. Yes, Body of Proof episode on Tuesday was a bit lower. I just hope Hawaii has a good rating, not massive but something to keep it there in the long run, hopefully to the end of the year, cause we are so behind. This show does well in the US, why can’t it here? Time will tell, I guess. Watching The Mentalist at 8.30, 9.30 will now be booked. Shame that quite a few shows never rated well on TV3, like The Good Wife, Touch, Chicago Fire, Medium and move to late night. The only shows TV3 get good results from are NCIS and LA, Bones, CSI, Sons of Anarchy and others. TV2 have a lot of shows to stick with and stay, especially their comedies that rate well and out-smoke the rest.

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