HD Heads-Up: Captain America Spin-Off Caps Super Fun Night

TV2 is refreshing not only its mid-week sitcom block but also using it as the lead-in to its latest Marvel series, Agent Carter.

The Captain America spin-off will screen 9.30 Wednesdays from February 11, after back-to-back comedies Marry Me, Two and a Half Men, Mom and Benched.

After years of anchoring the two-hour block with The Big Bang Theory, TV2 is shifting it (and stablemate 2 Broke Girls) to a new night (presumably Sundays in the ultra-competitive 7.30 hour) and replacing it with the popular Mom.

Another Wednesday staple, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, returns the same night for double-episode re-runs, but after Agent Carter (at 10.30).

ABC commissioned eight hours of Agent Carter to fill the gap while Agents of SHIELD was off-air between December and March.

Hayley Atwell’s character — a secretary who’s a spy — appeared in episodes one and eight of SHIELD’s second season and the series is set in 1946, after the events of the movie, Captain America: The First Avenger.

The AV Club said it “could be The Flash to SHIELD’s Arrow: the brighter, snappier sister-show that finds its footing much more quickly than its sibling.”

Concurred The Hollywood Reporter: “Marvel and ABC finally get it right with this fun, entertaining period piece.”

Variety thought it “more promising than the series it’s replacing” and Time quipped it was “entertaining and engaging enough that you don’t miss the superpowers and spandex”.

But while New York Magazine thought Attwell magnetic, “Agent Carter is not a marvel.”

The most promising of the new comedies is Marry Me, about a couple who have been dating for six years.

“Though I’m not in love with the idea of another sitcom in which a woman fixates on engagement rings and wedding planning, it’s impossible to resist the fluidly written, sharply performed quips and pop-culture references that are effortlessly strewn across Marry Me’s pilot episode,” said The Washington Post.

But the Los Angeles Times thought this Happy Endings stablemate — it’s from the same writer and stars Casey Wilson — “slightly less than the sum of its parts”.

Nonetheless, ratings have been strong and such is TV2’s confidence that it’s scheduled Marry Me at 7.30.

Another Happy Endings vet, Eliza Coupe, stars in Benched, which will air 9pm.

She plays a corporate lawyer who joins the public defender’s office, where she squares off in court against her ex-fiancee, who prosecutes for the district attorney’s office (Better Off Ted’s Jay Harrington).

“This may all seem assembled from a paint-by-numbers kit, but it clicks nicely, thanks to a lively group of supporting players,” was the New York Times’ verdict.

But Variety dubbed it “the sitcom version of a recycling programme” — although not for long: ABC cancelled Benched after 12 episodes, which makes you wonder why TV2 is giving such a plum slot to a series that has no future.

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2 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: Captain America Spin-Off Caps Super Fun Night”

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    February 1, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    TVNZ announces a new-look Sunday night of comedy and drama, awesome combination. Now would like to see another new-look Saturday night – big-budget blockbusters which lead into the new week.

  2. Agent Carter sadly does not live up to the promise of the Marvel One-Shot short feature from a few years back. Watchable but totally forgettable.

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