HD Heads-Up: December 21-27

The networks’ Christmas schedules are decked wall-to-wall with movies and specials, mostly re-runs but many in HD, including the spin-off Toy Story of Terror! (TV2, 7.00 Monday).

It aired as a Halloween special in the US, where Variety praised the “first-rate” animation.

“At roughly 21 minutes sans commercials Toy Story of Terror! is about a quarter the length of the average animated feature but everything else here could easily be mistaken for the big-screen version.”

And TV Guide called it “a delightful half-hour vignette of gags, action and self-empowerment, couching its never-give-up message in terrific non-stop entertainment.”

The NewYork Times dubbed it the “PG version of the Scream conceit” because of how Mr Pricklepants shows off his knowledge of horror movie tropes.

“Highlights of this sweet, slightly scary tale include the funniest, most refined  vomit joke you’ll ever see.”

TV2 also will premiere in HD Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on Christmas Night at 7.00 while earlier in the day, at 11.50am, TV3 will debut in HD the 2011 version of Jane Eyre, and on Boxing Day at 7.30 TV2 has the network premiere of Battle Los Angeles.

Other HD movies scheduled for Christmas Week include: The Adjustment Bureau (TV3, 8.30 Saturday), The Hurt Locker (TV One, 10.45 Saturday), Ceremony (TV2, 11.20 Saturday), Unaccompanied Minors (TV2, 4.15 Sunday), Cars (TV2, 4.40 Monday), Four Holidays (TV2, 8.30 Monday), Shrek 2 (TV2, 5.10 Tuesday), Disney’s A Christmas Carol (TV2, 7.00 Tuesday), Charlie’s Angels (TV3, 7.00 Tuesday), Notting Hill (TV3, 9.05 Tuesday), Sleepless in Seattle (TV2, 10.55 Tuesday), Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (TV3, 7.00 Wednesday), Life as We Know It (TV2, 8.50 Wednesday), The Bucket List (TV One, 9.50 Wednesday), New in Town (TV3, 10.00 Wednesday), The Accidental Husband (TV2, 12.25am Thursday),  Underbelly Movie: The Man Who Got Away (TV3, 8.30 Thursday), Arthur 3: The War of Two Worlds (TV2, 3.00 Friday) and Bedtime Stories (TV2, 7.00 Friday).

HD specials include Lanny And Wayne The Christmas Elves In Prep & Landing (TV2, 7.00 Saturday), Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular (TV2, 7.00 Sunday) and the 2013 Comedy Gala: The International Hour (TV3, 9.30 Friday).

TV3 will strip HD episodes of Bondi Vet as its summer replacement for Campbell Live while new to TV One is the bizarre Science Channel series, Monster Bug Wars (TV One, 5.00 Sunday), which claims to offer “a ringside seat for nature’s deadliest insect encounters”.

According to Wikipedia, “The programme is noted for its use of dramatic theme music and unusual sound editing.

“For example, during combat, the sounds of growling, screaming, war cries, and shrieks of agony, to name but a few, are heard.

“In addition, other military and ringside sound effects such as bells, bugles, whistles and alarms are also heard.”

One critic described the narration as “a weird mash-up of delivery styles, combining Orson Welles, William Shatner and the WWE into this oddly fascinating if over-the-top approach”.

Christmas Week also stands out for the season finales of A Place to Call Home (TV One, 8.40 Sunday), Life’s Too Short (TV One, 11.10 Friday), Enlightened (TV One, 11.50 Friday) and Chaos (TV3, 1.05am Saturday).

There also will be re-runs of Ice Road Truckers from season four (TV3, 5.00 Sunday), Agent Anna from season one (TV One, 9.35 Thursday), The Graham Norton Show from Christmas 2012 (TV3, 8.45 Wednesday) and, in an overnight marathon, Cougar Town (TV2, 2am Thursday).

And although The Borgias ended its US run months ago, TV3 is going back to the beginning to repeat season one, in a midnight Monday slot, before premiering seasons two and three.

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2 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: December 21-27”

  1. “And although The Borgias ended its US run months ago, TV3 is going back to the beginning to repeat season one, in a midnight Monday slot, before premiering seasons two and three.” Wonder if seasons two and three will also be at the midnite slot??

  2. I know it wouldn’t be in HD but they could at least give The Borgias a primetime slot on FOUR like they have done for The Big C, Nurse Jackie and Californication.

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