HD Heads-Up: July 18-24

The latest primetime properties to be dumped off-peak are The Amazing Race and Nashville.

TV2 will air season 26 of Race 4.00 Saturdays from July 18 while TV1 is relocating its grand ole soap opry to 11.00 Tuesdays Wednesdays for its third season.

Also back for its third season that week is TV1’s Perception (11.00 Mondays Tuesdays).

Nashville’s relegation isn’t surprising — TV1 persevered with 9.30 slots for its first two seasons despite diminishing ratings — but Race’s primetime demise is after years as one of TV2’s flagships.

The network also is mixing up its Wednesday comedy line-up, resuming Mom from episode 10 of season two but in 2 Broke Girls’ slot, after The Big Bang Theory.

Also new the same week on TV2 is season three of Devious Maids (10.50 Tuesdays) while exiting the schedule is Supernatural.

Dancing With the Stars, The Embassy and Married at First Sight end their TV3 runs ahead of MasterChef NZ’s premiere on the channel while the season finale of NCIS will usher in strategic repeats of it and sister show NCIS: Los Angeles until The X Factor Australia starts.

Dr Dawn Harper goes from Embarrassing Bodies to embarrassing children in Born Naughty?

Dr Dawn Harper goes from Embarrassing Bodies to embarrassing children in Born Naughty?

The same week TV3 will test a one-off edition of Aussie current affairs show Inside Story (8.00 Monday) and launch Born Naughty? (8.30 Thursday) after a new SD run of Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home (which will air opposite TV1’s return of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces in HD).

The Telegraph called Born Naughty?, which will square off against the first of two new Mrs Brown’s Boys specials on TV1, “heartbreaking to watch” while The Independent argued it takes a “more nuanced approach” to problem children than Supernanny.

Born Naughty? not only provides schadenfreude-solace for parents of slightly better-behaved brats, but also hope for all.

“Apparently, there’s no wild child who can’t be tamed with some intensive professional help.”

Notable re-runs for the week starting July 18 include Gang Related (TV3, 11.00 Monday), ex-TV4 property Awake in HD for the first time (TV3, 11.00 Tuesday), and Stammer School (TV2, 8.30 Thursday), which originally aired on TV1.

Coming attractions in HD include the network premieres of Gangster Squad (TV2, 9.00 Saturday), Captain Phillips (TV2, 8.30 Sunday) and RIPD (TV3, 8.30 Wednesday), and re-runs of Race to Witch Mountain (TV2, 7.00 Saturday), Sucker Punch (TV2, 11.15 Saturday), Dark Horse (TV2, 1.20am Sunday), Limits of Control (TV3, 10.25 Sunday) and The Haunting in Connecticut (TV2, 11.10 Sunday).

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4 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: July 18-24”

  1. Disappointing that Nashville is moving to off peak, I thought the Saturday slot would be its permanent home considering it’s the least watched night of the week. I thought TV3 would bring us The X Factor UK this year and relegate X Factor AU for summer.

  2. TV3 has the rights to X Factor UK, Leo, but isn’t disclosing when it will air. It goes out on ITV sometime in the UK autumn, presumably October/November.

  3. Isn’t Perception on Tuesday nights at 11pm & Nashville on Wednesday at 11? In regards to X Factor UK, great news its still coming, the show usually launches late August or mid-September which will tie in nicely with the 3 schedule especially, with the live shows airing 12 hours after their UK broadcast because of our time zone.

  4. D’oh!!! Thanks, Leo, you’re quite right about the days being out of sync …

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