HD Heads-Up: June 14-20

Part one of the season finale of TV3’s most popular new drama, The Blacklist, screens on June 15.

No word on when the Blu-ray of the series will be released here or in the US but expect it to be a month or so ahead of NBC’s season two premiere on September 22 (a September 30 release has been revealed, below, for Germany).

Season one ended in the US a month ago, so be aware that all of the following links will contain spoilers.

The Blacklist is known for its twists, turns and surprises, People magazine says, and “the season one finale was no exception”.

“Our whole FBI unit will be shaken to the core. We will never be the same,” star Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keen) told the Wall Street Journal, echoing earlier comments to the press.

“It’s kind of keeping with what we’ve done all season. I don’t think we’d be doing it justice if we didn’t make it a full-blown thriller.

“What I really like about the finale is it leaves you in a place where you get a sense of where we’re going for season two. It’s exciting and it’s a new direction.”

And creator Jon Bokencamp told USA Today the finale will address stories connected to Blacklist mythology while season two will see some changes for Elizabeth.

“We’ll see somebody whose entire world has imploded on her. She’s going to be confronting dark choices about how she wants to move forward and who she wants to become.”

But Variety was underwhelmed by next season’s prospects.

“It would seemingly have behooved the drama — still a toddler by TV standards — to go out on a strong note,” the trade paper said of the finale.

“Yet what NBC Entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt described as a ‘game-changer’ really represented little more than a flick of the ‘Reset’ button, setting up a new villain for season two and continuing to play cryptic (and increasingly, tiresome) games with the question of why James Spader’s suave killer, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, is so preoccupied with the young FBI agent he took under his wing.

“Frankly, even at this late date, it’s hard to escape a sense that the series remains James Spader and the Seven Dwarfs — essentially two shows wrapped in one, with Spader’s ruthless anti-hero feeling like a pay-cable protagonist, wedded to a more mundane broadcast procedural that involves hunting down the nefarious personalities who populate his list.”

The same week, TV3 will premiere another two-part special, World’s Scariest Animal Attacks (7.30 Saturday).

In other HD programming news of note for the week starting June 14:

  • Season two of Highway Cops will air twice-weekly (TV One, 7.30 Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation starts a peak-hour re-run, from episode 19 of season 13 (TV3, 8.40 Thursday)
  • Dame Julie Andrews, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill guest on Friday’s Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.30)
  • Coming attractions: The Princess Diaries (TV2, 7.00 Saturday), Duplicity (TV3, 8.30 Saturday), Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (TV2, 9.25 Saturday),  A Serious Man (TV3, 11.10 Saturday), Act of Valour (TV2, 11.35 Saturday), My Soul to Take (TV2, 10.35 Sunday), And Soon the Darkness (TV2, 12.35am Monday) and John Carter (TV2, 9.00 Friday).
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    June 6, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Re the seven dwarfs comment as reported above: as with all new trends in episodic drama, it will all become clear with the stroke of the scriptwriters’ pen married to James Spader’s brilliant interpretation of Red. He’s that good! Are we, the viewer, prepared to make the emotional investment?

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