HD Heads-Up: June 20-26

A natural history buff who’s been dubbed Sir David Attenborough’s heir apparent fronts a new three-part Our World series, Inside the Animal Mind.

The Guardian says Chris Packer “puts the cool in cagoule in this fascinating blend of science and spectacle,” which premieres on June 20 (TV1, 7.30).

According to The Independent, the first programme “got to the crux of our fascination with other species” by trying to answer a question familiar to all pet owners: just what is going on inside that head?

Highlights include a police dog who can sniff out a tin of meat from the bottom of a lake, wolves that go crazy for Chanel No 5, swallows that can process a 300-degree field of vision with a one-gram brain and a blindfolded dolphin that can mimic the behaviour of divers.

“Packham registered the right blend of scientific knowledge and sheer wonderment at the alien senses of animals,” the Daily Mail said.

“One sequence, that demonstrated the sensitivity of a shark’s electrical receptors, was amazing: the killer fish can detect the heartbeat of its prey, but a magnet will give it a thumping migraine.”

TV2 has its own animal antics special, Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud (7.30 Friday), a funniest cats compilation that’s already spawned a sequel and two spin-offs.

The week’s other HD documentary premiere, Kids Behind Bars (TV1, 9.30 Wednesday), bears “all the hallmarks of a bleak examination of America’s broken justice system,” The Guardian says.

“But it wasn’t that, quite. Yes, it was about teenagers doing unimaginable stretches in a maximum security facility big enough to have a dedicated block for underage offenders. But there was also an emphasis on the humanity at work behind the fences.”

The week starting June 20’s also notable for the season 12 premiere of Grand Designs Revisited (TV3, 7.30 Thursday) and the season finales of Our Girl (TV1, 9.30 Sunday), The Mysteries of Laura (TV2, 9.15 Monday) and Descent From Disaster (TV1, 8.30 Wednesday).

There’s also the resumption of HD re-runs of The Simpsons on TV3 (5.30 weeknights), starting from season 21, while Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane guests on The Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.30 Friday).

Network movie premieres in HD include 21 & Over (TV2, 8.30 Sunday), The Sessions (TV3, 10.30 Sunday) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (TV2, 11.55 Sunday); being re-run are The Water Horse (TV2, 7.00 Saturday), Ocean’s 13 (TV2, 9.15 Saturday), Grandma’s Boy (TV2, 2.50am Sunday), Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (TV2, 10.15 Sunday), Repo Men (TV3, 8.45 Wednesday) and Stolen (TV2, 8.30 Friday).

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  1. Instead of putting HD reruns of The Simpson on 3 why not put the new episode on instead of putting them on Four in SD?

  2. Damn right, Paul! The Simpsons may not be the force it was but it’s too good a signature HD show to offload in SD.

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