HD Heads-Up: June 8-14

TV2 will air an adults-only episode of Two And A Half Men at 9.00 on June 12.

The plot revolves around Alan agreeing to a threesome with Lyndsey and Walden, and has the less-than-subtle title of Four Balls, Two Bats and One Mitt (taken from Alan’s description of Lyndsey’s idea of a threesome).

Despite the titillation factor, it was one of the 10th season’s lowest-rating episodes in the US.

TV Fanatic said the prospect of seeing Alan try to spice up his sex life “should be enough to gross anyone out but it provided for some also great laughs.”

Meanwhile, Deadline reports the next season of Two and a Half Men will “look more like Two Guys and a Girl” with the introduction of Charlie Harper’s long lost daughter as a series regular.

The same night as the adults-only episode, TV2 will premiere, at 11.30, the raunchy HD comedy, Are You There, Chelsea?

Inspired by the best-selling books by actress/comedian Chelsea Handler, it lasted only one season and was one of the worst-reviewed newcomers.

Said USA Today: “Vulgarity and lack of taste aren’t the issues here as much as a deadening single-mindedness.”

The same week TV One will refresh its HD cooking fare with three newcomers:

  • another series of Coasters, in which Steve Logan explores Kiwis’ connection to the coast (7.30 Saturday);
  • the self-explanatory Dishing Up Australia With Al Brown (8.00 Saturday); and
  • another run of The Food Truck but in a new slot (8.00 Sunday) so Sunday can continue at 7.00, where it’s been rating solidly, but in its original hour-long format. 

Also new of note in HD scheduling news for the week starting June 8:

❑ The return of Grey’s Anatomy on Monday (TV2, 8.30) — but instead of Private Practice as its stablemate, its new celmmate will be Prisoner re-make Wentworth (albeit in SD)

NCIS starts its season-finale countdown with Tuesday’s episode (TV3, 8.30), which is the season’s third to last (“From this point on, all of these episodes connect and they all propel us toward the finale,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says)

❑ The season finales of Harry (TV3, 9.30 Wednesday) and Revolution (TV2, 10.30 Wednesday)

❑ Re-runs of Hart of Dixie weekdays (TV2, 12 noon Thursday) and of Harry’s Law overnight Friday (TV One, 12.05)

❑ The network HD premieres of Leap Year (TV2, 9.00 Sunday) and The Rite (TV2, 11.00 Sunday) and re-runs of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (TV2, 1.10am Sunday), Get Him to the Greek (TV3, 9.05 Sunday) and Taken (TV3, 9.05 Monday)

❑ Lee Majors guest stars on CSI: NY (TV3, 9.30 Saturday), and Jennifer Lopez and David Mitchell on The Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.30 Friday).

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  1. Does anyone think The Almighty Johnsons will take over from Harry? I so hope so 🙂

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