HD Heads-Up: March 23-30

TV3 will relaunch Hawaii Five-O late-night Wednesdays from March 27 but the bad news for fans is the episodes won’t be new.

Like The Good Wife, with which NZ lags two seasons behind the US, the network is inexplicably delaying the resumption of overdue first-run eps.

The reboot of the ’60s cop show is into its third season in the US but here has suffered a string of time slot changes as TV3 strived to turn it into another NCIS.

Five-O last aired 9.30 Tuesdays until it was pulled midway through season two seven months ago; TV3 will resume it with repeats of season one, starting from episode 15.

Also of note in HD for the week starting March 23:

❑ The network HD premieres of the movies Boy A on Saturday (TV One, 11.30) and vintage comedy Police Academy on Good Friday (TV2, 8.30)

❑ Re-runs of Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story on Saturday (TV3, 10.55) and, as an overnight, commercial-free double-bill on Good Friday morning, Taking Woodstock (TV3, 12.30) and Shine a Light (TV3, 2.35)

❑ The return of Country Calendar for its 47th season on Saturday (TV One, 7.00)

❑ Double-duty for Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler, when he directs Monday’s ep (TV One, 8.30)

❑ Tuesday’s Revenge (TV2, 8.40) reveals how Victoria became a villain when it flashes back to 2006

❑ The first monthly installment of The Vote on Wednesday’s 3rd Degree (TV3, 8.30)

❑ Finales of Pan Am on Saturday (TV One, 10.35), and Piha Rescue/Rapid Response on Monday (TV One, 7.30/8.00)

❑ An adults-only late-night broadcast of the Family Guy episode, Valentine’s Day in Quahog, on Good Friday (TV3, 10.00)

❑ Joan Rivers on Sunday’s 7.00 Simpsons, Richard Dawkins and Tina Fey on the 7.30 ep, Matthew Broderick on Tuesday’s Modern Family (TV3, 7.30), and Matt LeBlanc, Zac Efron and Lee Mack in a Graham Norton Show re-run on Good Friday (TV3, 8.20).
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5 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: March 23-30”

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    March 14, 2013 at 10:10 am

    TV is run by idiots, their mindless deference to ratings instead of viewers drives people to get their TV fix from other sources like downloading.

  2. TV3’s approach to Hawaii Five-O is pathetic. Why on earth have they gone back to part way through season one? Restarting at the start of season two would have been a better option, although I would have preferred that they started exactly where they left off – part way through season two.

  3. TV3 may relaunch The Good Wife and Hawaii Five-O in their successful Saturday drama slot, which has saved shows which didn’t perform to expectations when they screened on weeknights.

  4. I think new eps of Five-O are a natural for Saturday nights, where TV3’s ratings have improved markedly with the CSI dramas that underperformed during the week. However, I suspect Good Wife will be run off during the afternoons or late-night. We’re now so far behind the US that the show risks being forgotten even by its fans — the keenest will have sussed out seasons three and four online while casual viewers will have long since moved on. Similarly, TV3 continues to sit on another fine drama series, Blue Bloods, which is into its third season in the US.

  5. TV3 did the same thing with White Collar, which is SO stupid as it’s a fantastic show 🙂

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