HD Heads-Up: March 30-April 5

Easter Weekend will deliver ad-free, free-to-air, HD movie mania.

TV3 will drop its Simpsons/Family Guy double-bill on Easter Sunday to screen the network HD premiere of Hop at 7pm.

It will air opposite TV2’s HD re-run of the Adam Sandler comedy, Bedtime Stories.

TV2’s Easter Sunday schedule will overflow with HD movies, starting in the morning with a “Batmania” double-bill — Tim Burton’s Batman (11.40) and even better Batman Returns (1.55) — and closing with another resurrection of the heaven-sent comedy, Michael (10.25).

On Monday it will air, off-peak, the network HD premiere of Where the Wild Things Are (midday).

Even TV One will have an Easter Monday HD movie: a 7am repeat of the risible William and Kate.

TV3, meanwhile, will follow Hop with an HD re-run of My Life in Ruins (8.35), the NZ HD TV premiere of Kiwi comedy The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell (10.10) and an HD re-run of The Truth About Cats and Dogs (11.30).

The same day it will resume Dogs in the City in a new weekly slot (5.10) and early on Sunday morning will re-run in HD the Hugh Grant comedy, Nine Months (2.40).

The week’s only other HD highlights are the return of Border Security on Monday (TV One, 7.30) and the season finales of Kingdom of Plants on Tuesday (TV One, 8.30) and The Walking Dead on Wednesday (TV2, 10.50).

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12 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: March 30-April 5”

  1. I guess there is no news of Doctor Who? Hurry up Prime 🙂

  2. Hi Trevor. A publicity embargo means I can’t disclose when but Doctor Who isn’t far away … Alas, its impact will be much diminished by Sky’s refusal to upgrade Prime to HD.

  3. The new series of eight episodes starts March 30 in the UK, you’ll have to download them if you want to watch them in HD.

  4. Hi Philip. I think next week is when Doctor Who will be announced for Prime and YES, it’s annoying that Prime is not in HD but still I want to see Doctor Who no matter what 🙂

  5. Invest in a good broadband plan + vpn and you’ll no longer be at the mercy of Prime!

  6. “Easter Weekend will deliver ad-free, free-to-air, HD movie mania.” Year right. Every seven minutes they stop for an ad break with the latest promo for some crap programme that’s coming up this week/later in the week. Ad free? Bah humbug..\

  7. YAY….I see X Factor NZ is starting soon on TV3, which I’m sure will be in HD 🙂

  8. Doctor Who starts on Prime April 9th, I read it in Skywatch, which means we will be a week behind the rest of the world 🙁

  9. Since Skywatch went to press, Prime has rescheduled Doctor Who to 8.30 Thursdays, starting April 11. Vegas will be pushed back to 9.35.

  10. I know, Philip … wish TV3 had the rights, I bet they would have it on the same day and in HD 🙂

  11. Trevor: It’s sci-fi and with their track record it would be on in a Saturday afternoon slot about a year after it is shown overseas.

  12. Doctor Who is a classic show so I’m sure TV3 would give it and the viewers the respect we deserve, unlike Prime 🙁

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