HD Heads-Up: May 17-23

TV One will launch a new hi-tech American conspiracy thriller the same week it dumps its 8.30 Saturday whodunit for another reality hour.

It will premiere Intelligence in The Following’s 9.30 Monday slot on May 19, on a double-bill with its blueprint“, Person of Interest.

The 13-week series stars Lost’s Josh Holloway as a maverick secret agent with a super-computer microchip in his brain, Once Upon a Time’s Meghan Ory as the baby-sitter tasked with tempering his reckless impulses, and CSI’s Marg Helgenberger as their boss.

Reviews were mixed when it went to air three months ago in the US. The prevailing verdict? Fun but familiar.

Breathlessly paced and festooned with some pretty groovy computer graphics — the chip allows Holloway to walk through scenes of past destruction in his mind — Intelligence isn’t trying to be anything more than what it obviously is,” the Los Angeles Times said.

“The show is a panoply of familiar elements anchored by a new and attractive leading man.”

“Intelligence may not be the most exciting show the new year will bring,” USA Today predicted, “but it is the kind of weekly adventure/mystery … that tells you what it is up front and is smart enough to deliver on most of what it promises.”

Pleaded Entertainment Weekly: “The pilot sets up some promising intrigue but plays like the lowest-common-denominator version of itself: muscular action, a cutout Chinese villain, a rote twist, lots of Josh. Get smarter, please.”

Carped the New York Times: “It feels cobbled together, from the premise of Chuck, Jake 2.0 and other shows to scenes and situations that recall better productions like Person of Interest, Homeland and Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

The Wall Street Journal praised the action sequences but added: “The trouble is that the show doesn’t trust the viewer’s capacity to infer. Nor does it tolerate the slightest ambiguity.”

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder in Angel Lane is the 2013 sequel to 2011’s The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder at Road Hill House — but unlike the latter, it will air in HD.

The telemovie stars Paddy Considine as a Victorian sleuth in what The Guardian mused could be mistaken for a Ripper Street rip-off: “All murky Victorian London streets, dodgy geezers with mutton chops drinking tankards of ale in dodgy inns, and horribly murdered young ladies … But that would be unfair.”

“The plotting is nothing out of the ordinary,” Time Out conceded, “but, as usual, Considine decidedly is – an endlessly watchable mixture of vulnerability, conviction and furious intensity.”

Whicher II will screen 9.30 Saturday, after the season-five premiere of Undercover Boss USA, which takes over TV One’s struggling whodunit slot and will be the first season to screen here in HD.

TV2 also has confirmed The Voice Australia, which premieres on May 9, will screen here for the first time in HD.

Moreover, its second weekend will include a bonus Sunday episode (May 18) that will pre-empt the previously scheduled comedies The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and The Neighbors.

Coincidentally, it will screen opposite TV3’s 90-minute House Rules reveal, which replaces The Simpsons and re-runs of Grand Designs.

But don’t expect the Aussie hits to go head-to-head every Sunday as MasterChef NZ did with cuisine contest challenger The Great Food Race.

“The Sunday night slot for The Voice is a one off at the moment,” a TV2 spokeswoman says. “It may occasionally be three nights a week depending on the format roll out in Australia.”

In other HD programming news of note for the week starting May 17:

  • Season finales of House of Cards (TV3, 10.25 Sunday) and Rake (TV One, 10.30 Sunday)
  • Movies include Black Swan (TV3, 8.30 Saturday), Ocean’s 12 (TV2, 8.40 Saturday), Borderline Murder (TV2, 12.25am Sunday) and Rambo (TV3, 8.30 Monday)
  • Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Matt LeBlanc guest on Friday’s The Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.35 Friday).
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    I see Intelligence has been cancelled in the US so we won’t be having much intelligence on TV 🙂

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