HD Heads-Up: May 30-June 5

TV3’s using Dancing With the Stars to boldly launch Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside in an 8.30 Sunday slot.

It’s an incredibly audacious move for a network that’s traditionally has given new local drama a relatively safe 9.30 berth, where competition isn’t as fierce and there isn’t as much pressure to rate.

While Westside has the advantage of OF’s legacy, it’s still a risky gambit when previous attempts by TV2 and TV3 to run series in what historically has been a Sunday movie zone have flopped.

But the new-look DWTS will provide an exceptionally strong springboard for Westside and TVNZ is scarcely rolling out the big guns to combat the initiative.

Being Queen’s Birthday Weekend, TV1 will re-run The King’s Speech at 8.30 while TV2 is repeating Miss Congeniality at 8.00, after the network premiere of Disney classic Sleeping Beauty.

The week’s other coming attractions in HD include the network premiere of Promised Land (TV3, 10.30 Sunday) and re-runs of Around the World in 80 Days (TV2, 7.00 Saturday), Poseidon (TV2, 9.25 Saturday), Schapelle (TV1, 10.35 Saturday), Time Machine (TV2, 11.20 Saturday), Haywire (TV2, 1.10am Sunday), The Last Song (TV2, 2.50am Sunday), Faces in the Crowd (TV2, 12.05am Monday), The Italian Job (TV3, 8.45 Sunday) and Real Steel (TV2, 8.30 Friday).

TV3 is teaming Westside with a new US cable drama called Rush.

About a coke-snorting surgeon in LA, it earned lukewarm reviews: Variety dubbed it “Entourage with a medical degree” while TV Guide labelled it a  “House without heart … [that] wallows in the shallow antiheroics of its title character, a predictable train wreck of a gifted doctor”.

The network also is refreshing it schedule by bringing back Motive, in CSI’s 8.30 Saturday slot, and double-billing it with SVU, which, according to TV3, at last will air here in HD.

And on Monday it’s premiering The Embassy ahead of Catching Milat.

The former is an observational documentary series about the Australian embassy in Thailand while the latter is a top-rating dramatisation of how the police investigated Australia’s backpack murders.

It only screened this month across the Tasman and will air here in two two-hour instalments a week apart.

Also new are season two of Puberty Blues (TV1, 9.35 Saturday) and Keeping Up With the Kaimanawas (TV1, 8.00 Tuesday) while exiting are Stalker (TV1, 8.30 Monday), which you can expect Criminal Minds to succeed, and Our Zoo (TV1, 8.45 Thursday).

Keeping Up With the Kaimanawas is about three sisters from Northland who save wild horses from slaughter by training them for the inaugural national Wild Stallion Challenges.

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  1. Interesting that TV3 is replacing Jono & Ben with the cable hit Lip Sync Battle. It seems more suited to FOUR, which is in desperate need of some new content. All this focus on TV3 is endangering FOUR.

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