HD Heads-Up: November 8-14

You can tell your achy-breaky heart that Nashville and Hawaii Five-O will resume their primetime runs in the second week of November.

The country music drama that TV One pulled only a few weeks from the end of its first season, and which has since been released on DVD and streamed on Lightbox, will air 9.30 Saturdays from November 8.

The crime drama reboot that was starting to rate solidly on Tuesdays before becoming a casualty of its lead-in, high-profile flop Crisis, is returning to Sunday nights from November 9, starting with episode two of season four.

It will screen at 10pm, on the second half of a drama double-bill with the hospital hopeful, The Night Shift, which will premiere on the back of The X Factor Australia’s two-hour finale on November 7.

TV3 will repeat Shift’s premiere 10.25 Saturday, just ahead of episode two launching the series’ post-X Factor Oz Sunday night slot after the network’s family movie.

First up in the new slot will be the network premiere of How to Train Your Dragon, which will square off against a two-hour edition of The Voice in an earlier slot (TV2, 6.30).

Other coming attractions in HD include: Jumanji (TV2, 7.00 Saturday), Brooklyn’s Finest (TV2, 11.15 Saturday), Superman vs The Elite (TV2, 3.25am Sunday), Carriers (TV2, 11.30 Sunday), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (TV3, 8.30 Monday) and A Perfect Getaway (TV2, 11.50 Friday).

Other HD comings and goings range from the launch of the unsung classics restoration series, For the Love of Cars (TV3, 7.30), to the return of NY Med (TV2, 12.30am Wednesday) and the premiere of Undercover Rescue (TV One, 9.30 Wednesday), a documentary about a Christchurch man and his team of off-duty cop who rescue women and children from South East Asia’s sex trade.

Season finales include Wentworth (TV2, 8.30 Monday), The Blacklist (TV2, 8.40 Tuesday), Short Poppies (TV One, 10.10 Thursday) and, in a live two-hour broadcast, The Block NZ (TV3, 7.30 Friday).

Note The Blacklist is not being pulled because of low ratings but due to the show’s mid-season finale the same week in the US; expect its return early next year.

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  1. I’m off topic I know but I just thought I would mention that I just pre-ordered from http://www.wowhd.co.nz the 3D Blu-ray edition of the extended The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for just over $35, just thought I would let you guys know :)

  2. I preordered this movie from Amazon US. Really looking forward to watching this movie which 25 minutes longer than the theatrical release.

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