HD Heads-Up: October 4-10

TV2’s latest superhero coup, The Flash, will premiere here within two days of going to air in the US.

It will screen 8.30 Thursdays from October 9, on a double-bill with season three of Arrow.

The DC Comics adaptation stars Glee’s Grant Gustin as a crime scene investigator who’s imbued with super powers after a particle collider accident that similarly empowers the bad guys.

AdWeek reckons it’s a winner, despite having one of the week’s toughest time slots.

“It has the nerd chops of Arrow with a large dollop of general-market appeal, and Gustin is charming in the lead.

“DC Comics has made the mistake in feature films of trying to turn everything into the Nolan Batman movies (gracious, that Man of Steel thing was awful), but this is less The Dark Knight But Fast and more Spider-Man Is a Cop.”

The Boston Globe graded the pilot B+: “All the potential here is in the show’s resistance to the joyless atmospherics that have become the bane of comic-book shows and movies.

“Let’s see if they can keep the broodiness at bay and come up with plots that have more than good vs evil at stake.”

Under the Radar also liked the “perfect mix of humour and gravity” but The Washington Post gave it a C+ because The Flash “takes off so fast that a viewer hardly gets the chance to know him — or care much about where he’s headed.”

However, Deadline Hollywood reports CW network executives are “very pleased” with where it’s heading and have taken the unusual step of ordering extra episodes ahead of The Flash’s October 7 US premiere — which many fans already have dubbed “awesome” after it was leaked online mid-year.

TV2 is screening Arrow even closer to its October 8 US launch but in a later slot than the previous seasons after their ratings faltered.

Also starting new seasons are Perception (TV One, 11.00 Tuesday) and The Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.40 Friday), with guests Denzel Washington, Peter Capaldi and Gemma Arterton, while on the way out are Hart of Dixie (TV2, 5.40 Sunday), Grey’s Anatomy (TV2, 9.30 Monday), The Amazing Race: Australia v NZ (TV2, 8.30 Tuesday) and Golden Boy (TV2, 11.45 Tuesday). 

Hotel Transylvania (TV2, 6.40 Sunday) is the week’s only HD network movie premiere — other coming attractions in HD include Elegy (TV One, 10.30 Saturday), Die Hard 4.0 (TV3, 8.35 Sunday), My Life in Ruins (TV3, 8.30 Monday) and Bad Boys (TV2, 9.30 Friday).

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