HD Heads-Up: TV2 Goes Girls Night With Oestrogen Extravaganza

Kiwi crowdpleaser Go Girls may have gone west long ago but TV2 is still heavily skewing Tuesday nights female with four hours of back-to-back girl power.

Its new-look Tuesday will be anchored by one of the US season’s hottest new HD dramas, How to Get Away With Murder.

It will screen in the 8.30 slot from February 10, ahead of the return of Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge and Scandal.

Fans will be disappointed but few could blame TVNZ for dumping Scandal so late after months of trying to make it a hit, first on TV1, then on TV2.

Ironically, TV2’s next big hope, How to Get Away With Murder, is from the same stable as Scandal and Grey’s, with the show’s creator, Peter Norwalk, a producer and writer of all three.

It stars Oscar-nominee Viola Davis (The Help, Doubt) as a fearless criminal law professor who hires promising students for her practice.

When a beautiful co-ed is murdered, her involvement with the case teaches her students the dark truth about the law.

To hit the ground running with the premiere, TV2 is launching a mobile mystery game that throws the player into a juicy homicide case and challenges them to clear their clients’ names while trying to win $1000.

The gimmicky promotion may not be needed, however, if HTGAWM catches on here as quickly as it did in the US, where critics generally praised it:

But the NY Daily News argued: “It doesn’t offer enough fun to balance out the multiple improbabilities in its storyline, the constant time-shifts, the hard-to-follow scenes in the dark or what we’re expected to accept about the legal and academic worlds.”

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2 Responses to “HD Heads-Up: TV2 Goes Girls Night With Oestrogen Extravaganza”

  1. Really looking forward to HTGAWM and Tuesday is looking like a great night with wall to wall drama. No surprises TV2 has pushed Revenge to 10.30 considering its inconsistent timeslots due that gawd awful MKRAU overrunning. Despite Scandal’s primetime failings I still believe Revenge paired with Scandal on a Monday night could of worked to draw in an audience.

  2. We need to be in with 2018 TVNZ 2, not 2017. We do have newer stuff to broadcast, let’s push stuff like Kevin Saves the World.

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