HD Highlight: The Big Bang Theory (S7, E22)

The Big Bang Theory: TV2, 9.00 Wednesday.

One of The Big Bang Theory’s seven Emmy Award nominations for its seventh season is for Bob Newhart’s guest stint as Professor Proton (Arthur). Despite starring in his own distinguished sitcoms for more than 25 years, Newhart didn’t win his first prime-time Emmy until he guest starred in the previous season of TBBTHis character makes his third and final appearance posthumously in tonight’s episode, when Sheldon becomes distraught over his TV science mentor’s death. Said USA Today of The Proton Transmogrification: “The great Bob Newhart shines as Professor Proton, literally and figuratively, in a funny but seemingly final Bang appearance — given that tonight, Sheldon refuses to allow the professor’s death to interfere with his plan to celebrate Star Wars Day with a six-film marathon (‘I have a window built in after The Phantom Menace for complaining, but I’m worried that an hour may not be enough time.’) Of course the two stories combine, as Newhart’s Proton appears to Sheldon as Obi Wan to offer advice, provide comfort, and wonder what he’s doing in a swamp ‘dressed like Friar Tuck.'”

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4 Responses to “HD Highlight: The Big Bang Theory (S7, E22)”

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    July 23, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Bob Newhart — a comedy great.

  2. Quite right, Brian, a comic genius, whether giving driving lessons, conducting group therapy or running an inn.

  3. Emmys are as meaningless as the oscars. It took an apearance on a 3rd rate comedy to win an Emmy?

  4. So many of the greats have never won accolades such as Oscars, Emmys, Tonys or Baftas. It doesn’t take away from their wonderful moments on stage or screen. As for appearances in third-rate comedies, actors have to perform to stay in the limelight to show they’re available for work. The late James Garner has something to say about that in an interview that he gave to Charlie Rose [available on y/tube].

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