HD Premiere: The Flash (S1)

The Flash: TV2, 8.30 Thursday

Flushed with success, US TV’s newest DC Comics superhero is here in a flash, landing just hours after notching up the CW network’s highest ratings for a series premiere in five years. It’s from the team behind Arrow (which follows it) but The Flash “is something different,” HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall says. “It still has plenty of darkness of its own  but the overall tone is much lighter.” Concurred the Boston Herald: “While it doesn’t have the darkness of Arrow or Gotham, the show can be intense. Greg Berlanti, the super-producer behind Arrow, works his magic here, along with DC writer Geoff Johns, who penned some of the hero’s most memorable adventures in the comics … You don’t have to be a comic book fan to enjoy The Flash, but if you are one, there are so many Easter eggs in the pilot — especially the one at the closing moment — that you just might go into nerdgasms.” The Los Angeles Times dubbed it “an effervescent and super-engaging addition to television’s increasingly grim comic-book wars in which Our Hero is both smart and loved, before and after his transformation, providing further proof that the geek has inherited the earth.” But The Washington Post argued the hero takes off so fast “that a viewer hardly gets the chance to know him — or care much about where he’s headed.” The San Francisco Chronicle thought it too bland and safe to appeal beyond the CW (Vampire Diaries, The 100) crowd: “The special effects are convincing and there are well conceived supervillains, but the show has an overall fluffiness which should hook younger viewers without worrying their parents.”

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