HD Ratings: 3rd Degree Vote Gets Thumbs-Down

TV3’s current affairs initiative, 3rd Degree Presents The Vote, whetted critics’ appetites but was dog tucker with viewers.

The monthly debate had its debut on Wednesday, when its fast food gasbfest posted 3rd Degree’s lowest ratings to date.

Despite being warmly previewed by media pundits, and hailed as “a show with a purpose and a good and entertaining way to deliver it” in today’s NZ Herald, the programme averaged only 2.4% – 4.3% of the major demographics.

For the first time since it launched, 3rd Degree was beaten by TV One’s Winners and Losers, which averaged 3.2% – 6.4%.

Both were dwarfed by TV2’s HD sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory (17.5% – 18.8%) and 2 Broke Girls (14.1% – 15.7%).

Such is Big Bang’s appeal that it out-rated Shortland Street (12.1% – 17.4%) in every key demo.

3rd Degree’s weakness also dented lead-out Sons of Anarchy’s appeal (4.7% – 8.5%), which, after several weeks of winning the 9.30 hour, was tops only with household shoppers; in the other demos it was beaten by Thelma’s Gypsy Girls and/or Hell’s Kitchen.

On Tuesday, Revenge ruled at 8.30, with 7.5% – 10.1% compared to Kingdom of Plants’ 4.3% – 8.9% and NCIS’s 4.4% – 8.6%.

On Monday, The Blue Rose rebounded slightly (2.9% – 5.8%) against The Following (1.8% – 5.8%) while the latter’s lead-in, Criminal Minds, averaged 4.6% – 8.3% to largely finish ahead of Grand Designs Australia but well behind the double-ep of Big Bang (11.7% – 12.7%).

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: 3rd Degree Vote Gets Thumbs-Down”

  1. I find the people who watch TV in NZ are lazy viewers as they always seem to watch the same shows even if they are repeats … Why not watch something new for a change NZ? 🙁

  2. Great news that Winners and Losers beat The Vote but bad news that TV One will be replacing it with 24 hours in A&E which is a total BORE for me!! It was a tough slot and it had decent run! I only hope it reappears in the Sunday Aussie drama slot, where it will hopefully rate better and not end up in a graveyard slot.

  3. 3rd Degree/The Vote really is rubbish! Very disappointed that this twaddle is the best Garner and Espiner can come up with.

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