HD Ratings: 666 Loses Numbers Game

666 Park Avenue has become the first HD casualty of the new season, with TV2 consigning the supernatural flop to late-night.

It will air 11pm-ish Sundays from February 10, with this week’s episode, the third, being the last to air 8.30 Friday (it and lead-in The Amazing Race are being replaced by Mr T’s World’s Craziest Fools and movies, starting with Eight Below).

Friday’s episode averaged a shockingly low 2.7% – 3.9% of the major demographics, opposite The Graham Norton Show’s 6.0% – 7.1% and Dallas’ 0.6% – 2.1%.

TVNZ’s HD ratings were made even more dismal by Prime out-rating or rivaling the broadcaster’s shows with American Idol (2.2% – 4.1%) and Beauty and the Beast (1.3% – 3.0%).

On Saturday night, TV3’s CSI combo bounced back, with the series finale of Miami averaging 4.3% – 6.6% against Pan Am’s 2.2% – 2.4%.

Ice Road Truckers was down (3.6% – 4.8%) but still out-rated HD rival First Crossings (1.0% – 3.1%).

TV3’s HD premiere of Despicable Me on Sunday largely won its slot, with a 6.4% – 9.6% average, but HD lead-out The Boat That Rocked (1.9% – 2.6%) sunk opposite TV2’s Step Brothers (6.2% – 7.4%) and TV One’s HD telemovie, The Reckoning (4.3% – 8.4%).

Monday’s Criminal Minds averaged 3.1% – 6.2% against Grey’s Anatomy’s 7.4% – 10.0% while the season finale of Private Practice mustered 5.4% – 8.9%.

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2 Responses to “HD Ratings: 666 Loses Numbers Game”

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    January 29, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Talk about predictable! TVNZ knew this would happen and this is the result they get with 666 Park. Friday night drama does not work!! They must be regretting letting go of Idol. I’m also surprised The Amazing Race didn’t find an audience and needs to be moved back to its original Monday night slot.

  2. … but don’t forget the show just isn’t any good.

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