HD Ratings: Another Triumph For Trump

08_trumppage_g_w--(None)Donald Trump is not only winning the race to be the Republican Party nominee for President but also the ratings on NZ TV.

Tuesday’s Channel 4 documentary The Mad World of Donald Trump won the 9.30 hour in all the core commercial demographics for TV One, with rating averages of 2.8% – 5.7%.

It screened after Secret Life of Twins (5.1% – 7.7%), which scored higher than the previous week’s Secret Life of Babies against tougher competition: episode two of Filthy Rich (4.7% – 9.7%).

The NZ drama’s ratings were down on its premiere but still strong, with channel shares of 18.3% – 28.4%.

It was least popular with 18-39 year-olds, who opted for House Rules (5.3% – 8.7%), with which it overlapped.

House Rules easily out-rated TV One’s Our First Home (2.4% – 5.5%) but its first half-hour lost to TV2’s premiere of The Big Ward, which averaged 6.7% – 7.9% off the back of Shortland Street’s 9.2% – 11.6%.

TV3’s Story out-rated TV One’s Seven Sharp in the key demos while Family Feud was down sharply on its premiere and seesawed with TV One’s Millionaire Hot Seat, with both trailing TV2’s Home and Away.

In their later slots, because of the extra-long House Rules, TV3’s NCIS averaged 2.4% – 5.4% and SVU, 1.9% – 3.2% — enough to make the season premiere of How to Get Away With Murder (1.6% – 4.1%), which also faced off against the Trump doco, dead on arrival.

The mixed fortunes made for a keenly contested night, with TV2 winning three of the key demos and TV One the 25-54 vote — which was the only demo in which TV3 finished third.

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    February 18, 2016 at 8:59 am

    I hate Donald Trump, the world is doomed if the unthinkable happens 🙁

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