HD Ratings: Big Blue Bloodies Green Hornet

Blue beat green on Sunday when TV3 won Sunday night’s ratings with its HD re-run of Avatar.

The blue aliens blockbuster swatted TV2’s network HD premiere of The Green Hornet in all the key demographics except adults 18-39.

It averaged 8.5% – 9.3% over its three hours, peaking mid-point with 11.0% of TV3’s target audience, adults 18-49 and 25-54.

The Green Hornet, which started 90 minutes later, averaged 6.2% – 9.2% on the back of Mike & Molly’s 6.9% – 12.4%.

But its last three-quarters of an hour stung TV3’s network HD premiere of 127 Hours, which averaged only 1.4% – 2.5% post-10pm.

Call the Midwife in its second week on TV One was down on its premiere, with 5.6% – 7.7% on the back of The Food Truck’s 8.7% – 10.0%, while lead-out Mr Selfridge delivered 3.5% – 4.9%.

TV2 dominated its free-to-air rivals on Saturday night with The Voice Australia (4.2% – 6.4%) and an HD re-run of Old Dogs (4.0% – 5.6%).

But Sky Sports 1 was the biggest winner, with its live Super Rugby coverage scoring 4.8% – 7.9%.

TV3’s Blue Bloods slipped from last week’s season high, to 1.1% – 4.6%, while earlier in the night Ice Road Truckers (2.5% – 5.0%) was overtaken by Coasters (1.9% – 5.9%) and Dishing Up Australia With Al Brown (3.0% – 6.4%).

At 7.00, Hyundai Country Calendar rounded up 3.9% – 8.0% and at 8.30, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries 1.1% – 4.1%.

On Friday, TV3’s House Rules rivalled The Voice Australia among adults 25-54 (6.5% – 6.9%) and household shoppers (9.0% vs 9.3%) but the gap was wider in other key demos.

The Graham Norton Show re-run averaged 4.0% – 6.1% while season two of Kiwi comedy Super City premiered to a puny 2.5% – 4.5%, or half the viewership of predecessor 7Days.

Another NZ commission, The Almighty Johnsons, continued its death throes on Thursday, averaging only 2.8% – 3.4% opposite Arrow’s 8.5% – 9.6%, Mrs Brown’s Boys’ 7.5% – 12.6% and Winners and Losers’ 3.6% – 5.8%.

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6 Responses to “HD Ratings: Big Blue Bloodies Green Hornet”

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    July 29, 2013 at 8:10 pm

    The Almighty Johnsons is a goner, in primetime it’s not good enough, it cant top Arrow, it was a risk moving it. Blue Bloods will be axed if it doesnt recover those ratings.

  2. Terrible day for NZ television with the loss of yet another free to air channel as TVNZ U is set to close to make way for a TV2 plus 1 channel! Where is all the choice we were all promised with Freeview?

  3. Where’s the loss? U was full of rubbish, it runs a close second to the Shopping Channel for awfulness.

  4. The loss is a youth-based TV station produced by youth for youth! U Live and U Late were great shows and while the imported content was B-grade MTV knock-offs, there was still potential for TVNZ U to grow by adding the youth shows that currently languish in off-peak slots on TV2 such as The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, The Walking Dead, The Lying Game and many others that would have fitted well on TVNZ U! I would rather watch U than The Shopping Channel and this decision to close U limits employment opportunities for youth wanting to break into the industry.

  5. I am very pleased that The Vampire Diaries, Nikita and The Walking Dead weren’t moved from TV2 to TVNZ U. They should be screened in HD, which would never have happened on TVNZ U.

  6. Well TVNZ could of devised a plan to have these shows remain on TV2 in their current off-peak slots for HD purposes but have the programmes given peak time slots on TVNZ U! TVNZ U could of screened Nikita at 8.30pm on Thursdays and the HD replay would screen as usual on TV2 the same night! I’m really gutted that we are losing TVNZ U, more could of been done to save it or better yet convert it into NZ’s version of The CW or ABC Family.

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