HD Ratings: Big Win Away From Home For TV2

Home and Away rated higher in its new home on TV2 than it did in the same slot on TV3.

Monday’s “premiere” averaged 15.7% of household shoppers compared to 11.9% for the previous week’s episode on TV3.

That made it five times more popular in this demographic than the sitcom it replaced, Hope & Faith.

This helped to double Friends’ viewership at 6.00, which rocketed from 4.0% of HHS the previous Monday to 8.8%, and even its lead-out Neighbours was up a couple of points on the eve of going HD.

The trend was the same, although the numbers lower, in other key demos, with H&A averaging 8.7% of adults 18-39 (versus 8.3% the previous week on TV3), 9.4% of 18-49 (vs 7.0%) and 9.7% of 25-54 (vs 8.4%).

While TV3’s H&A replacement, re-runs of Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, didn’t whet the appetite of viewers, the network’s news hour more than held up.

It was only a point behind TV One’s in the 25-54 demo both channels target and averaged 9.2% compared to 8.6% the previous Monday when it followed H&A.

The trend was largely similar in other key demos as well.

TV3 also would have been buoyed by the popularity of its HD movie, Knight and Day, which out-rated TV2’s HD hospital dramas in all the prime demos.

It averaged 8.8% – 12.1% compared to Grey’s Anatomy’s 6.1% – 8.7% and Private Practice’s 4.2% – 7.1%.

TV2’s Shameless ended on a high note, with a 3.5% – 7.8% average, which helped the 11.40 premiere of prison drama Orange is the New Black to capture an impressive 2.0% – 3.1%.

Earlier in the night, TV2’s HD comedies bounced back from last week’s lows, with The Middle averaging 10.0% – 14.0% and Suburgatory 7.9% – 10.3%, to largely win the 7.30 hour.

Nonetheless, TV3’s Flood City ended on a season high — 6.1% – 6.8% — because of its earthquake theme while TV One’s Dog Squad averaged 7.0% – 11.1% and Life Flight 5.8% – 13.4%.

Person of Interest registered a sturdy 5.1% – 10.3% and its lead-out, Castle, 2.4% – 6.2%.

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  1. Knight and Day is certainly a fun movie :)

  2. Once was enough for Cruise and Diaz. TV3’s dunderheads must be kicking themselves for losing the golden goose of Home & Away. Hahaha.

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