HD Ratings: Blacklist Not Back on Everyone’s List

TV3’s The Blacklist made a competitive comeback on Tuesday, even though it didn’t rate above 3.2% of the commercial demographics.

TV2’s Step Dave (3.3% – 6.8%) easily out-rated it except in the 25-54 demo, where only fractions of a point separated them and TV1’s The Player (2.0% – 4.8%)

The Blacklist beat The Player in the 18-49 and 18-39 demos but lost to it among household shoppers with kids.

Overall, it averaged 2.8% – 3.2% off the back of The Block NZ: Villa Wars (4.3% – 5.4%), which finished third in the 7.30 hour.

The final of TV2’s Reno Rumble was tops (8.6% – 13.5%) while at 9.30 the network’s Empire (2.6% – 8.0%) conquered TV1’s Battle Creek (1.9% – 3.2%), except in the 25-54 demo, and TV3’s 7 Days of Sport (1.5% – 3.7%), which was most popular in the 18-39 race.

TV2 won the night in all the key demos while TV1 finished nearly 10 points ahead in the demo both it and TV3 covet, 25-54:

Screen-Shot-2015-10-07-at-7.48.19-PM-580x104On Monday, TV3’s Heroes Reborn averaged 2.3% – 5.6% opposite Criminal Minds’ 3.9% – 7.4%, which outrated it decisively in every key demo.

TV1’s crime drama also beat TV2’s Wentworth (3.6% – 4.3%), despite the latter having Reno Rumble (5.6% – 8.1%) as its lead-in.

But RR faced formidable competition from TV1’s reality shows and TV3’s The Block NZ, which averaged a challenging 5.1% – 7.1%.

But in its first 9.30 Monday showing, TV3’s 3D rated a record low (0.5% – 1.3%) against TV1’s Castle (1.2% – 3.9%) and Hotel Hell (1.0% – 1.2%) — all of which largely lost to the second half of TV4’s SD re-run of Coming to America (2.4% – 3.6%).

As a result, TV1 won the night in all the key demos except 18-39:

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