HD Ratings: Block and Tower Tops, Grammys UPDATED

TV3 won the Monday night ratings with The Block: All Stars and the network premiere of Tower Heist while TVNZ’s Grammys live broadcast rated well with viewers 5+ but not in the key demographics was an off-peak hit.

The peak hour shares were:

  • Adults 25-54: TV3, 28%; TV2, 23.1%; TV One, 17.4%
  • Adults 18-49: TV3, 26.9%; TV2, 25.3%; TV One, 16.3%
  • Adults 18-39: TV3, 27.0%; TV2, 25.0%; TV One, 13.5%
  • Household shoppers with kids: TV3, 29.5%; TV2, 28.2%; TV One, 20.4%.

TV2’s live afternoon Grammys telecast averaged 5.4% of 5+ viewers and an even more impressive 6.0% – 7.3% of the key demos but only 1.1% – 2.2% of the key demos; TV One’s 9.15 repeat of Lorde’s wins averaged 4.4% of 5+ and 3.1% – 3.8% of the key demos.

TV One’s broadcast was on the back of Australia’s Got Talent’s season finale, which averaged 3.3% – 6.0% of the key demos compared to 8.2% – 12.6% for The Block: All Stars and 6.6% – 7.5% for Tower Heist.

TV2’s The Middle beat the first half of The Block in the key demos (10.1% – 13.2%) on the back of Shortland Street’s 13.1% – 20.4%, which wasn’t hurt by the return of Seven Sharp (3.6% – 5.5%) or Campbell Live (3.7% – 6.1%).

TV2’s Super Fun Night and Trophy Wife also largely out-rated the first half of Tower Heist but the network gave up these gains when Scandal averaged only 2.7% – 3.4% from 9.30-10.30.

Not surprisingly, TV2 is dumping Scandal from February 10, when it will be replaced with The Walking Dead.

TV One dominated Sunday with the penultimate episode of Australia’s Got Talent (5.6% – 9.4%) and a re-run of the excellent Siege (2.1% – 5.3%).

TV2’s network premiere of Cars 2 averaged 4.7% – 8.9% and TV3’s HD repeat of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, 3.8% – 5.0%.

TV3’s premiere of Hannibal on Saturday averaged only 1.3% – 2.5% — but that was on the back of even lower ratings — 1.3% – 1.9% — for CSI: NY’s return (if you missed Hannibal, TV3 is repeating the first episode 11.10 Friday, after The Paul Henry Show).

TV2 owned Saturday, with Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (4.7% – 6.4%) and Blade (4.6% – 4.8%); TV One’s The Doctor Blake Mysteries again struggled, with an anaemic 0.5% – 2.3%.

TV2 was also trumps on Friday, when The Island dominated post-8.30 with 6.6% – 10.3%, although lead-in The Bachelor Australia (4.2% – 5.7%) was no match for The Block: All Stars (5.6% – 8.7%).

Coronation Street, meanwhile, posted its best Friday ratings yet since screening as a two-hour block: the first hour finished second to The Block, with 5.0% of TV One’s target 25-54 audience, and the second hour was second to The Island in this demo: 5.4%.

The same was true of HHS and adults 18-49 while with viewers 5+, the soap was way ahead of the competition: 8.5% in the first hour, and 7.6% in the second.

✽ Thanks to TV2 programming chief John Kelly for pointing out the original Grammy ratings post was incorrect. For the record, they were:

  • 18-39      6.1 rating, 51 share
  • 18-49      6.0 rating, 44 share
  • 25-54      6.1 rating, 42 share
  • HHSw/k  7.3 rating, 46 share

The TV2 and TV2+1 ratings were:

  • 18-39      7.2 rating
  • 18-49      7.2 rating
  • 25-54      7.4 rating
  • HHSw/k  9.1 rating
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2 Responses to “HD Ratings: Block and Tower Tops, Grammys UPDATED”

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    January 28, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Interesting that TV3 has the edge over TV One and TV2 in the demos. TV One really needs to work hard to regain it’s target demo 25-54. I have to say that I despise The Block: All Stars and it defies belief that it rates so well even though five nights a week is overkill in my opinion. It’s also surprising Coro is doing well with it’s two hour slot. Still think TV One should of aired the Grammys at 7.30 instead of after nine.

  2. I think TVNZ have a lot to be thankful for with regards to the Grammys, in particular the fact that it just happened to air on Northland/Auckland Anniversary (additionally running against reality on One/Prime, talk shows on 3, and kids shows on Four would obviously help). I’ve been meaning to ask, but I’m just going to assume that NZ TV ratings are done via some sort of ‘Nielsen Boxes’/diaries, and wouldn’t count say ‘corporate viewing parties’ out side of the home.Is there any regional breakdown of the Grammy viewing? But at the end of the day, TVNZ should be applauded for finally doing the right thing (although they should’ve set aside a live timeslot from the beginning and avoided the bad press – although what better promotional tool?). I scorned them for wasting tax payers money after their original announcement, but now I applaud.

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