HD Ratings: Bodies Proof of Appetite for Junk Food TV

Pushing Body of Proof back to 10.30 Tuesday barely dented its ratings while successor Embarrassing Fat Bodies gave TV2’s 9.30 ratings a huge lift.

The HD crime drama averaged 4.3% – 6.9% of the key demographics, partly thanks to a super-sized lead-in from EFB: 8.4% – 12.1%.

That was more bad news for TV One’s Scandal, which averaged only 1.3% – 2.0%.

Once again, it was out-rated by TV3’s Hawaii Five-O (2.7% – 3.4%), which used to rank third in the slot.

TV3’s The Block NZ won the 7.30 hour, with 10.0% – 12.1% of the key demos opposite The Amazing Race’s 7.1% – 11.1%.

But TV2’s The Mentalist dominated at 8.30, with 7.1% – 12.8%, while TV One’s natural history spectacle, Wild About NZ, rated 4.5% – 6.9% to narrowly beat Grand Designs.

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: Bodies Proof of Appetite for Junk Food TV”

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    September 18, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Not massive ratings but having Hawaii Five-O coming in second should help it stay there. Personally, I think it should stay there till the mid of January before TV3’s new 2014 line-up. I will be waiting for your HD heads up, Phil, if it’s yanked yet again.

  2. Another low rating episode for Scandal, I bet TV One are going to pull it after tomorrow’s episode. I’m disappointed with its performance, maybe it’s better suited to TV2 after Grey’s Anatomy. Philip, how did Sharknado do?

  3. Thanks for reminding me about Sharknado. It averaged 2.9% of Prime’s target audience, adults 25-54, so drew more of this demo than Scandal but fewer than H5O. It was most popular with adults 18-39 (3.5%) and 18-49 (3.2%). If you missed it, the Blu-ray and DVD land here on October 9, only without the Twitter element that TV critic Jane Clifton reckons added to the viewing experience: “Prime’s Tuesday shlock-and-gore internet sensation movie Sharknado wouldn’t have been half as much fun without the interactive component,” she says in today’s Dominion Post. “The tweeting allows viewers to show off in a ‘Who can be cleverest in trashing this silly stuff, while watching it avidly and squealing like a seven year-old’ sort of way. One only watches it ironically, you understand.”

  4. Cheers, Philip, Prime would have wanted more but they should be pleased with its performance. I found Sharknado to be amusing and ridiculous but it was all in good fun. I agree with Jane Clifton, Twitter added an extra layer of humour and enjoyment while watching this movie. I can’t say I will watch it again but it was just one of those movies you had to watch and forget logic.

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