HD Ratings: Cooks Hotter Than Cops

TVNZ 2’s MasterChef Australia won its slot on Thursday in both core commercial demographics.

The series is rating better than Police Ten 7 previously did at 7.30 while viewership of the crimebusters show has remained stable since being rescheduled to follow MasterChef post-8.30.

MasterChef averaged 4.2% of 25-54 year-olds and 3.1% of 18-49s.

Three’s Lego Masters USA averaged 3.5% / 3.1% to beat TVNZ 1’s My Impossible House in the 18-49 demo (2.5%) but not 25-54 (3.7%).

Police Ten 7 averaged 3.2% / 2.4%, narrowly beating TVNZ 1’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days (3.0% / 2.1%) and trouncing Three’s Demolition Down Under (1.6% / 1,5%).

The last time Police Ten 7 aired at 7.30, on June 3, it averaged 3.5% / 2.6% of the key demos.

Lead-out A Current Affair averaged 2.1% / 1.4% while Prime’s season premiere of Prison mustered 0.6% / 0.4%.

Coronation Street won the 9.30 hour with a 25-54 average of 1.5% but in the 18-49 demo seesawed with Sky Sport’s Thursday Night League.

TVNZ 2’s Filthy House SOS averaged only 1.0% / 0.9% of the core demos and Three’s Newshub Late 1.2% / 0.7%.

Earlier, Seven Sharp narrowly beat Shortland Street but easily led The Project in the major demos.

TVNZ 1 had the biggest key demo shares of the night while TVNZ 2 was up to four points ahead of Three.

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10 Responses to “HD Ratings: Cooks Hotter Than Cops”

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    July 2, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    I see there is a new news article saying Paramount+ will be starting in New Zealand on August 11th, there is no mention of Australia in this article. Apparently it’s been confirmed YIPPEE if it’s true ?

  2. The article is also on Facebook and a lot of people are very excited about it, OK 5 people but still it’s good to see I’m not the only one. I wonder if Paramount+ will confirm it officially and maybe mention about the A-League as well. I notice Sky have not said anything about it ?

  3. Thanks for the update, Trevor, but my ViacomCBS source says it’s still not planned to launch Paramount+ in NZ same day as Australia. As for A League soccer, P+ may have NZ rights but chances are these will be sublicensed to Sky or Spark.

  4. Well, someone should tell Business Desk then as according to them it’s definitely happening on August 11th . I even got a like from them on Twitter about it. Oh well, I will still keep an eye on the apps store on Apple TV ?

  5. They may have different sourcing, Trevor, but according to mine, some reports have confused ViacomCBS Australia and NZ with its streaming service Paramount+. When ViacomCBS Australia and NZ announced the launch of Paramount+ in Australia, some reports, even in trade papers like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, assumed it would be launching in NZ, too. But although ViacomCBS is structured under a joint Australian-NZ banner, Paramount+ for the time being will be an Australian-only service.

  6. Do you think it will be this year Philip? A thought crossed my mind that they will get Australia settled first then do New Zealand. I think that’s what Discovery is doing with Discovery+ ?

  7. I imagine so, Trevor, but bear in mind the services will look quite different. Australia’s will have all the new Showtime series whereas Sky will have these exclusively in NZ. Remember, ViacomCBS also has a volume deal with Prime plus much of its library already is licensed to its entertainment channels on Sky (TVNZ OnDemand recently did a deal for some Paramount content as well). There will be some exclusives like The Good Fight (which Amazon Prime Video NZ stopped streaming after three seasons) and perhaps the A League soccer but I don’t see P+ being in a strong position to offer a compelling enough streaming service to compete with Netflix and Disney+ in this market until it can provide more original fare. A smorgasbord of Paramount movies and TV classics just won’t cut it (as much as we would love it!).

  8. Sky should just sell Prime to ViacomCBS and be done with it.

  9. Prime is not about advertising, not about content. It’s about ownership of valuable broadcasting frequency. Why would any broadcaster sell a scarce commodity – especially when it doesnt know what its future use could be?

  10. Speaking of advertising… it’s become mainstream obnoxious on Choice TV since Discovery took over Three. Previously it was mainly promos for other Choice shows, now we get reduced promos but also the crass stuff that plagues the big commercial channels 🙁

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