HD Ratings: Cowboys & Aliens No Match For Cooks & Docs

TV3’s HD premiere of the movie Cowboys & Aliens was out-gunned by TV2’s My Kitchen Rules and Grey’s Anatomy but largely rode roughshod over TV One’s crime dramas.

The movie averaged 4.5% – 5.4% of the major demographics, which was in line with the all people aged 5+ rating of 5.2%.

It topped Criminal Minds (3.6% – 7.6%) and Intelligence (0.9% – 4.1%) in all the key demos except household shoppers with kids.

Unusually, it also sustained its viewership over its two-and-a-half hours.

But MKR and Grey’s Anatomy led in all the key demos: the former averaged 16.6% – 23.3% and the latter, 6.3% – 11.6%.

After a lacklustre start, Grey’s has become a formidable 9.30 drama for TV2, bookending an unassailable line-up that opened with Shortland Street’s stonking 17.0-% – 26.2% and delivered it channel shares of 41%-plus in three of the key demos.

Monday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • A18-49: TV One, 6.3 rating/20.3 share; TV2, 12.7 rating/41.0 share; TV3, 4.6 rating/15.0 share
  • A18-39: TV One, 5.0 rating/17.1 share; TV2, 13.2 rating/44.8 share; TV3, 4.3 rating/14.7 share
  • A25-54: TV One, 7.9 rating/22.8 share; TV2, 12.8 rating/35.8 share; TV3, 5.9 rating/16.7 share
  • HHS/k: TV One, 8.8 rating/18.6 share; TV2, 18.6 rating/46.8 share; TV3, 5.6 rating/14.0 share.
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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Cowboys & Aliens No Match For Cooks & Docs”

  1. We need a cooking show with aliens. Their recipes are out of this world!

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    August 14, 2014 at 1:00 am

    To serve man …

  3. Aaahh! What delicious company.

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