HD Ratings: Criminal Minds Robbed

The season 14 premiere of Criminal Minds failed to arrest TVNZ 1’s Monday night ratings decline.

It averaged 2.7% of the network’s 25-54 audience vs 5.1% for TVNZ 2’s Mom and 4.2% for Three’s The Rookie.

Once a top-rating staple, it’s not only age and familiarity that have dented its appeal but also the lack of a crowdpleasing lead-in.

Both Mom and The Rookie are preceded by ratings juggernauts: the former has My Kitchen Rules, which averaged 6.7% of 25-54s and overlapped the start of Criminal Minds; and the latter has Dancing With the Stars, which averaged 7.0%.

MKR and DWTS see-sawed in the 25-54 stakes but DWTS was always well ahead in the other core commercial demographics.

While The Rookie inherited a large audience, the opening half-hour still lost to the closing half-hour of MKR in the key demos.

But its audience built towards the end whereas Mom quickly shed viewers except in the 18-39 demo.

As a result, Three’s Special Victims Unit out-rated TVNZ 2’s Killing Eve in all the major demos except 18-39.

And even with Jack Tame as the new face of Q+A, the current affairs hour continues to struggle for viewers, averaging only 0.7% of 25-54s (vs 2.3% for Eve and 2.5% for SVU).

Earlier, 1 News topped Newshub Live in the 25-54 and 18-49 demos but not 18-39 while only seven-tenths of a rating point saw it lead among household shoppers with kids.

At 7.00, Three’s The Project beat TVNZ 1’s Seven Sharp in all the core demos except 25-54, where the latter scored a narrow win.

TVNZ 2 won the night with the biggest shares of the 25-54, 18-39 and HHS/k demos while Three was tops with 18-49s.

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Criminal Minds Robbed”

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    May 1, 2019 at 9:19 am

    I watch FBI on Prime. What are the ratings for this show compared to other shows on other channels at the same time?

  2. Very poor. Monday’s episode averaged 0.1% of Prime’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds, compared to 0.5% for lead-in American Pickers and 0.9% for its lead-out, the movie A Man Apart. FBI rated even lower than Bravo’s Deadly Cults (1.2% of 25-54s) and Choice’s Our Guy in India (0.5%). So you can see why Sky’s planning a Prime revamp.

  3. It’s also delayed by many many months. That is also why ratings are low, fast tracking is the only way to maximise ratings as the interest for the show is at its peak right when USA shows it.

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