HD Ratings: Dream Home Tops, Five-O Flops

Team Orange’s win in the season finale of TV2’s Mitre 10 Dream Home proved to be a Block-buster on Tuesday.

It largely won the 7.30 hour but only by 1-2 rating points.

Dream Home averaged 10.4% – 17.8% of the key demographics and won every one except adults 18-39, who opted for The Block NZ.

The latter averaged 10.2% – 15.1%, leaving TV One with only 3.9% – 7.3% for Coastwatch and 2.3% – 4.6% for Cause of Death: Unknown.

That was bad news for the premiere of TV One’s Wild About New Zealand, which could muster only 4.0% – 6.4%.

On the back of Dream Home’s resurgence, TV2’s The Mentalist bounced back with a 6.1% – 13.0% average and Body of Proof with 3.9% – 9.3%.

The latter was helped by the return of Hawaii Five-O not being able to capitalise on The Block’s popularity.

It averaged only 2.4% – 2.6%, which means McGarrett and the gang will soon be back on the late shift.

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2 Responses to “HD Ratings: Dream Home Tops, Five-O Flops”

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    September 4, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    Well, Phil, the bads new came, I wish it hadn’t. Man, I hoped for better ratings for Five-O. I hope that even if it’s removed, that it goes straight to a late shift and not another waiting game by TV3 again. If I had my way I would of left it at 11pm-ish on Wednesdays. But then again it’s disappointing that the ratings weren’t better in primetime. Sometimes I wonder why NZ doesn’t like it so much, it’s doing so well in the US. With the other competition, Body of Proof looked better. What were TV One’s ratings? If they were average as well, are people turning off there TVs at 9.30, as ratings don’t look big across the board. I hope TV3 gives it a few more weeks as it could grow. But if ratings are worse next week, Hawaii Five-O will be permanently late-night.

  2. My family really enjoys Hawaii Five-O. I don’t mind if it relegated to a late time slot as I always record shows such as this and watch later in the week.

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