HD Ratings: Empire Music to TV2’s Ears

TV2 will repeat the first three episodes of Tuesday night newcomer Empire late-night on June 6.

But judging by this week’s meteoric rise of the music drama’s ratings, the strategy seems redundant.

After bowing to numbers that were surprisingly low given the hype around the series, the second episode shot up the charts so dramatically it looks like being the ratings juggernaut here that it is in the US.

Tuesday’s hour averaged 7.2% – 12.3% of the commercial demographics, which was roughly double the viewership of the premiere.

True, it was off the back off an exceptionally hot My Kitchen Rules (10.9% – 17.0%) but clearly it benefitted from viewers catching up with it on-demand.

While Empire did shed 2-3 points in each of the key demos over the hour, it was still well in front of TV3’s NCIS (4.0% – 5.5%), which finished ahead of TV1’s Person of Interest (1.8% – 4.4%).

At 9.30, NCIS: Los Angeles (3.2% – 4.2%) out-rated Grey’s Anatomy (2.7% – 4.7%) in three of the four key demos while Unforgettable (1.8% – 4.5%) was competitive in the 25-54 and household shopper stakes.

Earlier, TV3’s Road Cops and Gold Coast Cops proved a useful combo against TV1’s Dog Squad and SCU, easily beating both in all the key demos.

The HD networks’ channel ratings and shares for the night were:


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