HD Ratings: Escape to Springfield

Cowabunga! TV3 is bringing back The Simpsons to primetime.

It’s replacing its disastrous Thursday line-up with double-episodes of the HD ‘toon and movies from next week.

Of course, there’s a “D’oh!” — the episodes are culled from the show’s 25th season, which aired last year in SD on Four, starting with the 13th (the Sideshow Bob reunion, The Man Who Grew Too Much).

To my knowledge, season 26 has yet to screen on Four, even though the 27th launches on September 27 in the US.

Given the timing of the Thursday revamp, it would have been excellent if TV3 had doubled up S26 eps and then fast-tracked S27 (although given the show has long since lost its ratings clout because of overexposure, that seems less likely than Homer giving up Duff beer).

Movies will follow The Simpsons, starting with a re-run of The Change-Up (which was to have screened September 7 on TV4) and continuing with the network premiere of the Tina Fey, comedy, Admission, on September 10.

Having a three-hour comedy block is a sensible strategy, as it will provide a true point of difference to what’s on TV1 and TV2.

But it’s likely to be only a temporary solution, with The X Factor UK expected to take over in October.

The abrupt overhaul isn’t surprising after this week’s Kevin McCloud’s Escape to the Wild averaged only 1.2% – 2.2% of the commercial demographics.

TV3 will want to protect the McCloud brand, given it’s soon to launch Grand Designs NZ, and TV1’s scheduling of like-minded George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and upcoming Restoration Man has proved too powerful a lure for the same audience.

Thursday’s Amazing Spaces averaged 3.3% -7.8%, and drew three times as many 25-54 year-olds — the demo both networks target — as Escape to the Wild.

Escape’s dismal ratings were off the back of Story’s woeful 1.5% – 2.3% and spelled D-U-N-C-E for lead-out Child Genius (0.7% – 1.9%) and part two of Saving Britain’s 70-Stone Man (1.6% – 3.2%).

TV1’s House Husbands averaged a modest 2.1% – 4.7%, which was well up on Child Genius but no match for TV2’s Neighbours at War (7.9% – 13.7%) and Bogans (6.3% – 9.9%).

As a result, TV2 swept the night in all of the key demos:

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