HD Ratings: The Following Finale Falls Flat

The Following may have been renewed for a third season but don’t expect to see it back in primetime on TV One.

Credit to the network for sticking with the series for its full run, given the persistently low ratings and a history of dumping dramas with higher ratings much quicker.

But its meagre following can scarcely justify its return in peak-hour, with Monday’s season finale averaging only 1.1% – 3.1% of the key demographics, topping 2.0% only with viewers 25-54.

Compare that to TV2’s Grey’s Anatomy (5.2% – 6.3%) and TV3’s SD re-run of Wanted (4.2% – 6.6%), the second half of which largely drew 2-3 times as many viewers.

Moreover, The Following had a relatively strong lead-in, with Person of Interest delivering 2.3% – 8.1%.

It was most popular with household shoppers with kids and drew 6.6% of TV One’s target 25-54 audience, which was no mean feat given it straddled the end of TV2’s My Kitchen Rules (13.9% – 17.5%), Trophy Wife (7.8% – 11.6%) and Hot in Cleveland (6.5% – 8.2%).

Indeed, TV2 would have been disappointed with how its comedies rated on the back of juggernaut MKR.

The lower viewership suggests sitcoms work best as part of the two-hour block strategy the network had so successfully established on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Earlier in the night, Shortland Street averaged 14.8% – 21.8%, Border Security 4.9% – 8.6%, The Force 4.8% – 9.3%, Road Cops 4.2% – 5.1% and Kings Cross ER, 3.2% – 4.6%.

Week on week, TV One’s ratings and shares improved the most, TV3’s declined the most (apart from an upsurge among HHS/k) and TV2’s dipped but still dwarfed its rivals.

Monday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • A18-49: TV One, 5.3 rating/17.5 share; TV2, 9.9 rating/32.6 share; TV3, 5.1 rating/17.0 share
  • A18-39: TV One, 4.3 rating/16.0 share; TV2, 10.4 rating/38.6 share; TV3, 4.9 rating/18.2 share
  • A25-54: TV One, 7.5 rating/22.0 share; TV2, 9.5 rating/28.0 share; TV3, 5.7 rating/16.8 share
  • HHS/k: TV One, 8.5 rating/22.2 share; TV2, 12.0 rating/31.3 share; TV3, 7.4 rating/19.3 share.
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  1. We have enjoyed watching the 2nd season of The Following. I don’t think that it was as good as the 1st season though. I see that a 3rd season of this show has now been confirmed.

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