HD Ratings: Friends Benefit TV2 But Toons Tank

TV2’s network HD premiere of Friends With Benefits on Sunday won its time slot in the key demographics.

It averaged 7.3% – 9.2% compared to Babylon AD’s 5.5% – 7.0% and Call the Midwife’s 4.3% – 6.8%.

But in the 5+ race, Midwife was tops, with 9.1% of the country, Friends second with 5.6% and Babylon third with 4.0%.

Friends had the benefit of a much stronger lead-in than Babylon, with the HD premiere of Mars Needs Moms averaging 7.2% – 12.0% of the key demos opposite Kung Fu Panda’s 4.6% – 5.5%.

TV One’s season finale of The Food Truck ended strongly, with a 7.5% – 10.0% average while Mr Selfridge averaged 2.2% – 2.7%.

On Saturday, TV3 dominated the evening with Ice Road Truckers (5.1% – 7.1%) out-distancing TV2’s HD re-run of Shrek 2 (4.7% – 7.5) while TV One’s Country Calendar averaged an unusually low 2.6% – 5.0% and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 2.1% – 3.9%.

TV3’s 9.30 HD drama Blue Bloods averaged 2.9% – 5.0% but TV2 dominated with its movies.

The weekend’s other top ‘toon re-run, Friday’s The Simpsons Movie, also bombed, averaging only 3.7% – 4.6% of the key demos.

TV2 fared much better with its thank-God-it’s-Friday HD comedies: re-runs of The Middle (9.0% – 13.0%) and The Big Bang Theory (6.5% – 9.3%), and the season-three premiere of Happy Endings (5.1% – 7.1%).

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8 Responses to “HD Ratings: Friends Benefit TV2 But Toons Tank”

  1. How were Hell’s Kitchen’s ratings, Phil?

  2. Competitive but not brilliant. It won the 9.30 hour with household shoppers (7.1%) and adults 18-49 (5.2%), lost to Would I Lie to You? but not Super City in the 18-39 demo (4.1%), and tied with Location Location Location among adults 25-54 (4.1%). But it lost to Location and tied with Lie in the 5+ demo.

  3. Hey, Phil, just seen that Private Practice and Body of Proof seem to have disappeared in TV2’s announced schedule in two weeks, with Embarrassing Fat Bodies and Kitchen Nightmares replacing them. Were they not performing well? And I guess The Middle and Suburgatory are taking a week off as they’re not there either.

  4. TV2’s dramas have been struggling but they’re not so much disappearing as shifting back an hour. Not sure if the Monday night comedies will be off-air for just that week, to freshen up TV2’s line-up against The Block NZ, or for good. But there’s no doubt The Block NZ is working wonders for TV3’s schedule.

  5. Putting them at 10.30pm seems a bit harsh, as both are in their final seasons with Body of Proof having only five episodes left and Private Practice about nine. Both are short final seasons. TV2 sometimes got to realise that not everyone will watch their channel all night as there are three others they can watch. With TV2’s Wednesday comedies, when they were all new episodes of BBT and TBGirls they were rating big and TV3 took a hit in their ratings. Sometimes it would be great to be in charge of programming and let the viewers’ voices be heard. TV2 has over-reacted, quite a few won’t be happy with the changes when they read The TV Guide.

  6. So does that mean Orange is the New Black is moving to the even worse hour of 12.40am Tuesdays? TV2 should continue with Private Practice in primetime as this is its final ever season!

  7. No, Orange will continue at 11.30-ish; Monday Mornings is being dropped from 10.30.

  8. Well that’s a relief they’re not dropping Orange! I agree, Richard, they should keep playing both in primetime as they are both about to conclude this year. I wonder if the replacements will do any better.

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