HD Ratings: Grey’s Anatomy Haemorrhages Viewers

TV2’s flagship HD drama Grey’s Anatomy is in freefall, with Monday’s episode hitting a season low.

It averaged only 5.1% – 6.3% the major demographics in the 8.30 hour.

The hospital drama’s household-shoppers rating was less than half of the season’s premiere’s in June (14.5%).

And with TV2’s target audience, adults 18-39, the former top-rating staple has plummeted from 10.5% on opening night to 5.4%.

The decline’s been almost as steep with adults 18-49 and 25-54.

You’d expect audience attrition for a drama series two-thirds into its ninth season.

But Grey’s has accelerated since TV3 launched The Block NZ.

The DIY phenomenon has not only decimated Grey’s lead-in but also set up the network’s action movie to inherit a big audience.

For instance, on the back of Monday’s Shortland Street (11.0% – 15.7%), The Middle averaged only 6.5% – 9.9% of key demos at 7.30, and lead-out Suburgatory 3.8% – 6.9%, opposite The Block NZ’s 11.0% – 14.0%.

That helped another re-run of Transporter 3 race to the front with 7.5% – 10.1% from 8.30-10.30.

TV3’s strategy is damaging TV One more than TV2. Person of Interest continues to rate solidly at 8.30, with 5.8% – 9.5%, while Castle soldiers on with 2.3% – 5.1%.

TV2’s historically low ratings for a Monday night also is partly due to TV One programming Dynamo: Magician Impossible at 7.30 to counter-programme The Block NZ.

Both it and The Block NZ are squeezing TV2’s HD comedies and once viewers stop keeping up with a serialised drama like Grey’s, it’s hard to get them back into the habit without a crowdpleasing incentive like TV2 used to have in My Kitchen Rules.

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15 Responses to “HD Ratings: Grey’s Anatomy Haemorrhages Viewers”

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    October 9, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Hi, Philip, I know I’m kinda off topic but do you think TV3 will screen the new series of 24 next year? I did ask TV3 on Twitter but I did not get a reply back, hopefully that’s a good sign 🙂

  2. We all know that unfortunately reality TV rules in NZ. If you want it to rate, then if must be reality TV.

  3. Hi Trevor. Nothing to do with HD is ever off-topic! I’d like to think TV3 would screen the 24 mini-series but doubt it — the series was never the hit here that it should have been and the last two seasons were run off in SD on Four. Low ratings for another Kiefer Sutherland series, Touch, don’t bode well for its prospects on 3, either. There also are complications over the nature of MediaWorks’ output deal with distributor Fox going forward, with the broadcaster wanting to cherry pick shows rather than take everything. So all in all, I’d say the chances of 3 screening the 24 redux would be 50:50 at best.

  4. I’m afraid free-to-air has become that kind of market, due to the cheap production costs of local reality commissions and the ‘event’-type ratings they can generate (such as The Block NZ). We’re living in a golden age of TV drama but that’s not reflected in FTA schedules.

  5. Thanks for the reply, Philip … Oh well, I have got my fingers and toes crossed that TV3 will screen the new 24 🙂

  6. Maybe an extra 30 minutes of Shortland Street would solve TV2’s problem if they were desperate! TV2 shouldn’t worry too much as The Block NZ will be coming to a close soon but this does highlight a problem for the network’s schedule and the need for it to find a programme to counter The Block NZ next season.

  7. Yes, maybe have an extra 30mins of Shortland Street on one day of the week and none on Fridays to try and help TV2’s ratings.

  8. YAY … looks like the Syfy channel will be starting up in NZ next year, better be in HD 🙂

  9. “YAY … looks like the Syfy channel will be starting up in NZ next year, better be in HD” Sky only, of course?

  10. Be careful what you wish for, Trevor. Complicated rights issues in this territory means a NZ Syfy could be a pale imitation of the original (on top of the latter’s standing being diminished in the US by increasingly cheesy/schlock fare like Sharknado and Robocroc).

  11. Apparently Sky have said NO to a Syfy channel so is it possible to have a Syfy channel on its own? 🙂

  12. An alternative view on the whole Grey’s thing, the lead-ins just aren’t that great nor suitable for Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t remember what the lead-in was last year, but I don’t believe it was comedy, and certainly not The Middle/Suburgatory (I recall they were a Tuesday thing), but I can’t really see how they’d be attracting the typical audience for Grey’s. Even still, full credit to TV3 for doing two things, making the show [The Block NZ] spans three days rather than two, and making the episodes hang just over the 60 minute mark to ensure people miss out of the start of other channels’ dramas unless they own PVRs or remember the non-HD +1 channels (I’m assuming The Mentalist [TV 2 Tuesdays] and Nothing Trivial [One, Wednesdays] are seeing a similar effect — I’d imagine Nothing Trivial in particular, due to Wednesday is judging day on The Block).

  13. Unlikely. Sci-fi has never rated well as a genre on free-to-air TV, so would only work here as a niche pay channel. Complicating this however are the rights to various sci-fi shows being tied up in content deals with TVNZ and MediaWorks (the latter even has an output deal with Universal, which runs SyFy). Syfy would be a natural for Vodafone’s cable service but the ISP would face the same rights issues and seems happier to redistribute rather than challenge Sky’s service.

  14. Disappointed that Sky have said no to the Syfy Channel. I would have been happy to pay $10 a month for the Syfy channel in HD.

  15. I’m late to this discussion and I too am annoyed Sky has refused to bring SyFy to NZ viewers and yes, Philip, I agree it might turn out to be a disappointing imitation of the US channel, with one example being Comedy Central on Sky.

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