HD Ratings: Heroes Stillborn

TV3’s new Monday night sci-fi drama Heroes Reborn delivered anything but heroic ratings.

The double-episode averaged only 2.7% – 4.5% of the commercial demographics off the back of MasterChef NZ’s season final (4.6% – 6.8%).

Viewership plummeted over the two hours. It opened with 7.3% of the 25-54 demo but closed with only 2.3%.

The fall-off was just as steep in other demos in the face of competition from Criminal Minds (4.2% – 6.7%), Wentworth (6.0% – 10.1%), Castle (2.1% – 4.9%) and Hotel Hell (3.5% – 5.8%).

Of course, it’s possible the reboot will get a boost when consolidated ratings are included.

That has happened each week with Humans, with the most recent episode’s 25-54 rating increasing by three points, from 4.4% to 7.4%.

TV3 started the night badly, with 3News drawing fewer than half of One News’ viewership, a pattern that continued in the Seven Sharp-vs-Story contest.

The most watched show of the night was TV2’s Shortland Street (9.3% – 17.2%) while lead-out Reno Rumble averaged 5.1% – 9.4% opposite TV1’s Border Security International (6.5% – 8.4%) and The Force (6.7% – 7.7%).

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Heroes Stillborn”

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    September 29, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    I love Heroes Reborn but I guess not everyone has such a great taste in TV shows as I do … it’s their loss 🙂

  2. In this country reality shows will always out rate sci-fi.

  3. TV3 putting the Heroes reboot in primetime was either spectacularly deluded or a sign of how little they have in their cupboard … or both. The show hardly ended as a massive hit in NZ (trying to remember if it got punted to 11pm or not). Was never going to work in 2015. Most American dramas don’t anymore, especially primetime. I realise it’s as old as the hills, but they’d be better off having SVU in prime time on a weeknight rather than stuck on a Saturday.

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