HD Ratings: House of Card Tumbles But Race Picks Up Pace

Viewership of TV3’s House of Cards premiere was shockingly low given the Netflix darling’s year-long build-up of hype and acclaim.

Perhaps because most viewers interested in a drama of this calibre already would have downloaded or imported it on disc, Sunday’s 10.30 launch didn’t rate above 1.0% of the key demographics.

Cards’ prospects weren’t helped by Hawaii Five-O rating even lower than TV One’s Betrayal: the former averaged 0.9% – 1.8% and the latter 0.7% – 2.8%.

On the back of this, Cards could draw only 0.5% – 0.6%.

That was less than TV2’s +1 re-run of The Tomorrow People while TV2’s 10.30 HD repeat of Final Destination averaged 2.3% – 4.5% after People’s 9.30 broadcast delivered it a 7.9% – 12.1% lead-in.

The fantasy series is rating exceptionally well because of its gangbusters lead-in, Agents of SHIELD, episode two of which reached 9.6% – 13.8%.

It was down only slightly on its premiere due to TV3’s The Blacklist recovering from the previous week’s season low, with 5.3% – 8.2%, and trouncing TV One’s Offspring (2.8% – 5.9%).

TV2’s HD premiere of The Little Mermaid averaged 5.6% – 10.8%, winning with HHS but losing in the other key demos to TV One’s Sunday (6.9% – 10.8%) and MasterChef NZ (3.8% – 10.4%).

TV3’s foodie rival, The Great Food Race, accelerated Sunday, with a season high of 4.8% – 8.3%.

It challenged MasterChef in the 18-49 stakes and beat it in the 18-39 demo.

Sunday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • Adults 18-49: TV One, 5.6 rating/29.0 share; TV2, 6.9 rating/23.2 share; TV3, 5.5 rating/18.5 share
  • Adults 18-39: TV One, 4.0 rating/15.0 share; TV2, 6.6 rating/25.1 share; TV3, 4.7 rating/18.0 share
  • Adults 25-54: TV One, 6.9 rating/21.3 share; TV2, 7.4 rating/22.7 share; TV3, 6.3 rating/19.4 share
  • HHS: TV One, 8.4 rating/21.8 share; TV2, 10.8 rating/28.2 share; TV3, 8.0 rating/21.0 share.

Saturday’s return of Ice Road Truckers lifted TV3’s Saturday evening ratings (3.5% – 6.8%), but sensational 9.30 drama Hannibal (1.6% – 2.3%) continues to be a hard sell on the back of CSI: NY (3.7% – 6.5%).

Harry Potter again dominated, with The Chamber of Secrets averaging 4.4% – 6.5% but TV One saw a long-awaited lift in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, which improved to 1.0% – 4.0% on the back of Dynamo Magician Impossible (2.9% – 3.9%).

However, Dynamo lead-in Hyundai Country Calendar (4.1% – 5.2%) was keenly challenged by TV3’s SD newcomer Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking (3.8% – 5.5%).

The perils of relaunching The Simpsons in a new slot, after months of being off-air, were demonstrated Friday, when the ‘toon averaged only 3.3% – 3.9% of the key demos ahead of the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother (2.6% – 4.4%).

They couldn’t match TV2’s The Bachelor Australia (6.4% – 9.8%). But TV3 recovered with The Graham Norton Show (6.1% – 6.7%) winning the 8.30 hour while TV2’s 9.00 HD re-run of Sherlock Holmes (3.2% – 5.1%) dominated only in its last hour, post-TV3’s top-rating Kiwi comedies 7 Days and Jono and Ben at Ten.

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