HD Ratings: KA-POW! Take That, Blacklist!

TV2’s superhero spin-off Agents of SHIELD made a flying start in the ratings on Sunday, when it tore TV3’s The Blacklist to shreds.

The Marvel series averaged 9.7% – 15.5% of the major demographics and delivered dynamic duo stablemate The Tomorrow People enough of a lead-in for it to win the 9.30 hour with a commanding 7.0% – 11.3%.

TV One and TV3’s HD competition was left in the dust, with the latter’s flagship drama averaging only 3.9% – 5.9%.

The Blacklist was most popular with adults 25-54 and out-rated TV One’s Offspring (2.8% – 7.3%) in this demo as well as adults 18-39 and 18-49 but not household shoppers.

Offspring lead-out Betrayal averaged 0.7% – 3.3% against Hawaii Five-O’s 1.3% – 3.6%.

SHIELD premiered on the back of 3.9% – 7.7% for TV2’s network movie premiere of The Muppets, which proved to be effective counter-programming against TV One’s MasterChef NZ (5.8% – 10.5%) and TV3’s The Great Food Race (which averaged only about half of the latter’s viewership).

The popularity of SHIELD and Tomorrow People helped TV2’s 10.30 re-run of Step Dave’s premiere to average an impressive 3.1% – 3.6% and boosted the network’s primetime share of adults 18-49 from 20.9% the previous week to 23.4%.

Sunday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • Adults 18-49: TV One, 4.9 rating/17.5 share; TV2, 6.5 rating/23.4 share; TV3, 4.1 rating/14.7 share
  • Adults 18-39:  TV One, 4.1 rating/16.5 share; TV2, 5.8 rating/23.5 share; TV3, 4.8 rating/15.7 share
  • Adults 25-54: TV One, 6.1 rating/19.9 share; TV2, 7.2 rating/23.3 share; TV3, 4.4 rating/13.3 share
  • HHS: TV One, 8.2 rating/24.9 share; TV2, 10.0 rating/30.3 share; TV3, 4.4 rating/13.3 share.

TV2’s re-run of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone spellbound most viewers on Saturday (4.6% – 7.5%) while TV One’s Beatles special, The Night That Changed America, averaged 1.6% – 3.3% on the back of 0.4% – 3.3% for The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

The Aussie sleuth’s days in primetime must be numbered, as he drew only 1.9% of TV One’s core audience, adults 25-54, compared to CSI: NY’s 5.0%.

The procedural also decisively out-rated Blake in the other key demos (3.8% – 5.5%) but its lead-out, Hannibal, continues to struggle (1.8% – 3.9%).

A 10.30 re-run of HD doco When a City Falls averaged 1.9% – 4.0% while the return of Hyundai Country Calendar rounded up 4.2% – 6.5% ahead of Dynamo Magician Impossible’s 2.2% – 3.6%, both of which beat TV3’s TGFR re-run (1.7% – 2.7%).

On Friday, The Block: All Stars bowed out with 6.8% – 11.7% to win the 7.30 hour against The Bachelor Australia (5.1% – 8.8%) while TV2’s re-run of Hancock dominated the rest of the night (5.8% – 8.1%).

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: KA-POW! Take That, Blacklist!”

  1. Two different shows. Both good in their own way. I’ll follow both.

  2. Same here. But I guess if it’s like that another week Blacklist will be pulled.

  3. Haha. Little do viewers know the first ep of SHIELD is as good as it gets, the show dives quickly from here on …

  4. I watch Blacklist solely for James Spader. The show is like an alternative version of The Mentalist. If it’s pulled, I’ll record it. Family commitments limit my viewing.

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