HD Ratings: Kitchen Still Rules But X Factor Hot Stuff

The X Factor NZ couldn’t beat ratings supremo My Kitchen Rules last night when the two went head-to-head for the first time.

But barely a couple of points largely separated the juggernauts in the fiercest competition the Aussie cooking hit has yet faced.

TV3’s talent show smash averaged 11.3% – 12.9% for its second episode compared to My Kitchen Rules’ 12.4% – 17.9% (and 11.6% – 14.1% for Sunday’s premiere).

Only among household shoppers was the gap wider than two rating points.

TV3 will be delighted with the result given the previous week’s Drug Bust special averaged only 3.8% – 6.4% in the same slot.

X Factor NZ also held up with the critics, with the NZ Herlad’s Colin Hogg judging Monday’s edition better than Sunday’s.

“Episode two is the test. If we watch that and still like it, we’ll watch episode three and there it goes. Next thing we know, it’s episode 28 and the nation has a new singing sensation.

“The X Factor NZ just got a bit better with last night’s second episode as the search continues for a winner to this alarmingly likeable franchise singing show.”

The strong lead-in helped Kevin’s Grand Design to compete with TV One’s Criminal Minds, which has been going gangbusters of late.

But last night’s average slipped to 6.2% – 9.0% against Design’s 6.0% – 8.4%.

However, the flow-on effect wasn’t enough to revive The Blue Rose, which could average only 1.7% – 4.4% for its penultimate episode.

Criminal Minds stablemate The Following also shed viewers, rating 2.8% – 4.7% compared to 3.8% – 7.3% the previous week.

Meanwhile, TV3 has just reported episode two of X Factor NZ averaged 511,900 viewers aged 5+,  “a 5% increase on the figures for episode one.  In TV3’s target demographic (25-54 year olds), episode two had an average audience of 247,500, an 11% increase on episode one.

“The results lifted TV3’s Monday night viewership. In the 7.30pm-8.45pm timeslot TV3 more than doubled its share of the 25-54 audience last night, compared with the previous four week average, and grew its 5+ share by 89%.

“The X Factor NZ won its timeslot in the 18-49 demographic, and out-rated My Kitchen Rules (TV2) in 5+.

“Online, The X Factor NZ facebook community has grown by 15,000 fans since the programme launched on Sunday night, and #xfactornz was the number one trending topic globally during Monday’s episode.

“As at midnight Monday, there had been 45,482 video on demand streams of full episodes, plus 42,706 streams of shorter auditions and song clips.  The most popular clips were those featuring contestants Te Ao Te Huia (who sang a duet with Stan Walker), ‘Chicken Man’ Mitchell Wahl and diva Ashley Tonga, which also had big viewing numbers on YouTube.”

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Kitchen Still Rules But X Factor Hot Stuff”

  1. Are you watching X Factor NZ, Philip? I love it. In fact, I think it’s better than the Aussie and US version 🙂

  2. Pleased to hear you’re enjoying it, Trevor. I don’t watch any of the X Factors, largely because I already spend too much time watching scripted HD drama and comedy. But it’s certainly been very well received critically and the second-night numbers prove the show’s no one-hit wonder.

  3. I think quite a few people are surprised by how well made it is … looking forward to the LIVE shows and being able to vote 🙂

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