HD Ratings: Larkins No Ratings Darling

Not even attaching Bradley Walsh’s name as a prefix could turn The Larkins into the hit that The Darling Buds of May was for TVNZ 1 in the 1990s.

Like Prime’s similarly cosy The Durrells, the nostalgic series never found the viewership here that it did in the UK, despite its star being one of the network’s highest-rating celebrities.

Case in point: TVNZ 1’s Sunday night re-run of Walsh’s The Chase: The Bloopers won the 7.30 hour, with 4.1% of 25-54 year-olds and 3.1% of 18-49s, opposite the premiere of TVNZ 2’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament of Houses (2.7% / 2.3%) and Three’s The Block: Fans vs Faves (2.8% / 1.8%).

Yet The Chase’s lead-out, the season finale of Bradley Walsh’s The Larkins, averaged just 1.9% / 1.3%, to finish behind TVNZ 2’s re-run of Bad Moms (2.4% / 1.8%); Three’s Men in Black II averaged 1.8% / 1.2%.

Earlier, TVNZ 1’s news hour and Hyundai Country Calendar dominated, helping it to win the night’s biggest shares of the core commercial demographics.

Bargain-bin movies also ruled on Saturday, when TVNZ 2’s Big Momma’s House double-bill and Three’s The Green Mile seesawed for top spot opposite the final of TVNZ 1’s underwhelming Lie With Me.

But the popularity of TVNZ 1’s news, Space Invaders and Britain’s Busiest Airport: Heathrow fended off Three’s shark specials, Bay Patrol and Shark Lockdown, to win the night’s biggest key demo shares.

TVNZ 1 cleaned up on Friday night with The Repair Shop and repeats of Gordon, Gino & Fred’s Great Christmas and Mrs Brown’s Boys crushing the movies The Devil Wears Prada and Riddick.

Note: These overnight ratings exclude viewership of the networks’ +1 SD channels.

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Larkins No Ratings Darling”

  1. Hi Philip, is there a possibility of Pluto TV launching here in NZ or are we not big enough to sustain it? It’s coming to Australia at a yet to be announced date: https://tvtonight.com.au/2021/12/ad-supported-pluto-tv-to-launch-in-australia.html

  2. Given TVNZ already leads the AVOD market here, ThreeNow is ramping up under Discovery’s ownership, and Pluto owner ViacomCBS seems no closer to launching Paramount+ here (but instead licensing most of its streaming content to TVNZ), I don’t see NZ being a priority for the service (in Australia ViacomCBS will use Pluto to promote P+ SVOD). At best it may wind up here on Google-driven devices like Android TVs and media players as a value-added service.

  3. I suspect if Pluto TV ever gets launched here it will be a shadow of the US version that I can watch via my Amazon Prime account.

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