HD Ratings: Like a Bat Out of Hell

Gotham’s mid-season finale on Sunday scored the Batman prequel some of its best ratings so far, averaging 6.2% – 9.1% of the key demographics.

It easily won the 8.30 hour for TV2, although it faced fierce competition from TV One’s Happy Valley (2.2% – 7.3%) in the 25-54 and household shoppers demos.

No such threat from TV3’s The Night Shift, however, which gave up most of the gains delivered by the network movie premiere of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.

Whereas the latter averaged 4.6% – 6.0%, the hospital drama mustered a shockingly low 0.9% – 1.9% — which was fatal for Hawaii Five-O (0.4% – 1.4%).

TV2’s Gotham benefitted from strong re-run numbers for lead-in Tangled (6.0% – 8.6%), which out-rated Ice Age but was challenged by TV One’s Sunday (5.9% – 8.9%) and Our Big Blue Backyard (3.6% – 8.2%) in the 25-54 and HHS demos.

TV One’s Secrets and Lies averaged 0.8% – 3.5%, which was well ahead of TV3’s dramas but no match for TV2’s re-run of Joe Dirt.

TV One dominated Saturday with its cooking shows while TV2’s The Voice dropped to a season low — and although Friday’s episode was more competitive, viewership halved over the hour.

TV3’s light-ent line-up was down on previous weeks while TV One’s MasterChef Australia (3.5% – 6.0%) built steadily during the week to topple The Block: Glasshouse (4.2% – 5.7%) for the first time in all the key demos.

Thursday’s mid-season finale of CSI (4.1%- 5.6%) challenged The Flash (3.9% – 5.4%) and even out-rated it in the 25-54 demo while TV One’s Love Child (2.3% – 5.4%) was competitive at the later time of 9pm off the back of MasterChef Oz.

MasterChef’s first two nights in the schedule were dismal, although Wednesday’s episode faced TV2’s surprisingly sprightly re-run of 13 Going on 30 (5.6% – 10.7%) and Tuesday’s was up against TV2’s reality gangbusters Nabbed (9.0% – 10.8%) and Highway Patrol (9.6% – 11.6%).

MasterChef’s slow start on Tuesday also stifled The Mentalist (3.0% – 5.4%), which scored season lows, and Unforgettable (3.2% – 3.8%) — although the latter was still popular enough to trounce Sons of Anarchy (2.1% – 5.9%) in all the key demos except HHS.

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