HD Ratings: The Luminaries Loses Glow

Viewership of The Luminaries continues to ebb for TVNZ 1, with Sunday’s broadcast the lowest rating yet.

Episode three averaged 2.3% of of the channel’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds, 1.3% of 18-49s, 0.7% of 18-39s and 2.7% of household shoppers with kids.

It lost to TVNZ 2 and Three’s movies in all the core commercial demographics but did win the 8.30 hour with 5.1% of 5+.

However, the previous Sunday it averaged 6.4% of the country while its 25-54 viewership was 3.7%.

The six-part co-production with the BBC opened on May 17 with 9.5% of 5+ and 5.7% of 25-54s.

While ep 3 screened over a long weekend, when overnight viewership usually falls because of people going away for a few days, the audience decline across the board has been steep.

TVNZ 2’s repeat of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle dominated the night, winning its slot in the core demos, while Saturday’s most popular movie was Three’s premiere of Johnny English Strikes Again.

But TVNZ 1’s Britain’s Got Talent out-rated it in every major demo and helped lead-out SIX60 Live at Western Springs 2020 to win in the 5+, 25-54 and HHS/k stakes.

Here are Sunday’s most-watched primetime programmes on the free-to-air HD channels (excluding +1 and in order of their 5+ rating and audience share):

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: The Luminaries Loses Glow”

  1. It’s not surprising, I think, with The Luminaries, as it’s taken a long time for anything to really happen! It finally felt as if it was going somewhere by Ep3.

  2. Thanks for the update, Malx. I stopped watching after the first episode. Virtually everything about it, from the cinematography to the storytelling, frustrated me.

  3. I had high hopes for The Luminaries and it had been quietly recording on my Freeview box, so interesting to read your review Phil. I am edging ever closer to a mix of Netflix and personally sourced content. Just trying to get through Mad Men leaves Netflix …

  4. Hey, Roscoe. Good to hear you’ve discovered Mad Men. Here’s some background to why it’s leaving Netflix and why it and other modern classics more valuable than ever.

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