HD Ratings: MasterChef Turns Up the Heat on X Factor

Sunday’s MasterChef NZ and the first live X Factor NZ split the key demographics but TV2 won the rest of the night with its network HD premiere of Red Riding Hood.

MasterChef averaged 10.2% – 13.7%, which was up on the previous week’s 8.1% – 12.0%, and X Factor, over its two-hour broadcast, 11.2% – 14.4%, which was consistent with a week earlier.

In the hour the two went head-to-head, MasterChef was more popular with adults 18-49 and 25-54 and X Factor won outright in the 18-39 and household shopper demos.

However, TV3’s inexplicable movie programming — a re-run of the 10-year-old comedy Just Married – sparked a mass exodus to TV2’s HD rival, Red Riding Hood.

It averaged 8.3% – 9.6% compared to Just Married’s 5.1% – 6.7% while TV One’s Packed to the Rafters rated a solid 5.0% – 9.6%.

TV2’s Saturday HD re-run of I Am Legend won its slot in all the key demos (6.9% – 11.2%) opposite CSI (4.8% – 7.2%) and CSI: NY (4.4% – 5.3%).

A 7.30 re-run of Monday’s X Factor rated a surprisingly competitive 3.3% – 4.2% against MasterChef MasterClass’ 3.1% – 5.4% and Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’s 4.4% – 5.1%.

And proving a big lure at 5.30 is The ITM Fishing Show, which easily coasted to a win in all the chief demos (4.7% – 5.5%).

But TV3 had a nightmare night on Friday, when its HD light-ent line-up hit a new low for the year against TV2’s The Voice Australia.

The latter averaged 10.0% – 12.9% while Modern Family and The New Normal were in the 2.2% – 3.9% range.

But the biggest shock was The Graham Norton Show’s 2.9% – 3.8% while lead-out Steve and Ben World Famous In … didn’t score much better, with 3.3% – 4.4%.

On Thursday, TV3’s first HD season of Chelsea NZ’s Hottest Home Baker finished third in the 7.30 hour (3.8% – 7.1%) and Bones at 8.30 out-rated Once Upon a Time among adults 18-49 and 25-54, drew with adults 18-39 and lost with HHS.

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    May 22, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Even when X Factor finished later, around 9.20pm, TV2’s movie still was a hit, but it’s a good film compared to TV3’s.

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