HD Ratings: Mistresses Less than Masterful

The X Factor USA proved too harsh a mistress for Thursday’s premiere of Mistresses.

TV2’s new HD drama averaged only 4.5% – 5.8% of the major demographics.

It ranked ahead of TV One’s Packed to the Rafters except among household shoppers (3.1% – 6.5%) but was well behind the second half of TV3’s two-hour X Factor broadcast.

The Simon Cowell hit averaged 6.7% – 7.8% over its two hours and typically was 2-3 points ahead of Mistresses.

But from 7.30-8.30, TV2’s Police Ten 7 and Street Hospital had the edge on X Factor.

X Factor’s popularity, however, didn’t help Project Runway: All Stars, which bombed with only 2.0% – 2.6%.

While that was enough to narrowly out-rate TV One’s dated Britcoms, it was roughly half the viewership of TV2’s 20/20.

TV One’s drama woes continued Wednesday, with Nothing Trivial averaging 2.7% – 4.5% and Scandal 1.7% – 2.6%.

That was competitive with TV3’s 3rd Degree Presents The Vote (3.1% – 5.0%) and Breakout Kings (2.0% – 3.4%).

But the night belonged to TV2 with its HD comedies and the season finale of Devious Wives, with the latter averaging 3.6% – 5.8%.

The Block NZ largely won the 7.30 hour, with 9.5% – 12.9% but Two and a Half Men challenged its first half, with 9.0% – 11.8%.

Tuesday’s The Block was more popular (10.7% – 14.8%) while The Amazing Race seesawed for second place with Dynamo: Magician Impossible.

The Mentalist owned the 8.30 hour (7.2% – 10.6%) and lead-out Embarrassing Fat Bodies had about twice the viewership of Scandal (1.7% – 3.0%) and Hawaii Five-O (2.7% – 3.2%).

Body of Proof was robust at 10.30, with its penultimate episode averaging 2.9% – 7.6%.

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