HD Ratings: MKR a Headache for The Mentalist

Nigel Latta’s take on child abuse and domestic violence beat lead-in The Mentalist on Tuesday.

It averaged 4.9% – 10.2% compared to the crime drama’s 2.7% – 6.3% and was competitive with TV2’s HD entertainment.

While the first half lost to the last leg of The Amazing Race: Australia v New Zealand (7.4% – 10.6%), the second half topped 2 Broke Girls (4.1% – 5.8%)

TV One’s Highway Cops (7.0% – 12.2%) and SCU (6.4% – 10.5%) fared relatively well against the penultimate episode of My Kitchen Rules (16.1% – 21.3%).

But the network will be concerned to see The Mentalist shed so many of these viewers, even allowing for its formidable opposition: the tail end of MKR.

But next week the tables will be turned when The Mentalist should benefit from having TV One’s MKR New Zealand as its lead-in!

TV3 wrote off another Tuesday with The House That £100K Built (2.6% – 4.7%) and yet another re-run of the movie My Myself & Irene (3.4% – 4.6%).

Tuesday’s Shortland Street (16.7% – 21.5%) was even more popular in some of the key demos than Monday’s dramatic farewell to a popular character (15.4% – 22.0%), and also scored a bigger all-people-aged 5+ rating: 15.3% vs 13.6%.

TV2 dominated Monday in the key demos while TV3’s re-run of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (3.7% – 4.2%) seesawed with TV One’s Criminal Minds (2.1% – 5.5%) and out-rated the final of Intelligence (1.5% – 4.5%).

Tuesday’s peak-hour HD channel ratings and shares were:

  • A18-49: TV One, 6.5 rating/21.1 share; TV2, 11.2 rating/36.3 share; TV3, 4.8 rating/15.4 share
  • A18-39: TV One, 5.7 rating/18.9 share; TV2, 11.4 rating/37.7 share; TV3, 4.8 rating/16.0 share
  • A25-54: TV One, 8.1 rating/24.1 share; TV2, 11.2 rating/33.1 share; TV3, 5.2 rating/15.3 share
  • HHS/k: TV One, 10.3 rating/26.5 share; TV2, 14.3 rating/36.7 share; TV3, 5.1 rating/13.0 share.
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    August 21, 2014 at 3:40 pm

    I’m viewing The Mentalist despite the villain being revealed on the net. Just to see how the revelation is executed.

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