HD Ratings: Museum Packs ‘Em to the Rafters

TV3 won Sunday’s ratings contest when its HD re-run of Night at the Museum 2 faced off against TV2’s HD network premiere of The Social Network.

The Ben Stiller sequel was up sharply on the last week’s broadcast of the original, averaging 8.3% – 12.5% of the demographics that matter most to the networks.

The Facebook founding dramatisation rated 6.0% – 9.7%, with the two movies neck-and-neck in the 18-39 demo (which Museum 2 narrowly won).

Museum 2 scored highly on the back of The X Factor NZ averaging 10.7% – 15.2%.

It largely won its slot and helped to deliver a re-run of The Almighty Johnsons’ season three premiere enough viewers for it to average a surprisingly solid 3.1% – 4.0%.

Combined with the ratings for the show’s Thursday broadcast, this could be enough to lift viewership of  this week’s episode when TV2 targets it for the first time with Arrow.

The double-episode season finale of Packed to the Rafters averaged 5.6% – 9.0% for its first hour, and 4.5% -7.6% for its second hour.

At 8.00, The Food Truck rated 7.2% – 10.0% opposite Mike & Molly’s 5.9% – 9.5%.

On Saturday, ratings improved for Coasters (4.1% – 7.3%) and Dishing Up Australia With Al Brown (3.7% – 6.5%), on the back of Country Calendar’s 5.8% – 9.8%.

TV3’s Ice Road Truckers clocked up 3.7% – 5.7% and its season finale of CSI: NY an impressive 3.7% – 8.9%.

TV One’s Friday ratings were hit by Sky Sports’ Super Rugby coverage (3.0% – 4.7%) and although TV2’s The Voice Australia still dominated with 6.9% – 11.9%, it was down on previous weeks.

Moreover, in the 18-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos, the last hour was beaten by The Graham Norton Show (8.1% – 11.4%).

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Museum Packs ‘Em to the Rafters”

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    July 9, 2013 at 9:22 am

    I hope MediaWorks are making the most of these rating as the article in the NZ Herald this morning shops a bleak outlook for popular programming now that they are in receivership. I guess it soon will be repeats and reality only.
    “TV show free-for-all looms”

  2. Does anyone know who TV3’s new owner will be? 🙂

  3. Julie Christie?

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