HD Ratings: New Normal More Popular Than Old Normal

TV3’s new HD sitcom The New Normal sharply out-rated lead-in Modern Family on Friday while the network’s Sunday HD staple, The Simpsons, rated lower than The Krusty the Clown Show.

The New Normal averaged 4.8% – 5.5% of the key demographics, and was most popular with TV3’s 25-54 target.

That was not only well above Modern Family’s average of 3.1% – 4.3% but also viewership built over the half-hour in each major demo, to peak at 6.3% of adults 25-54 and 18-49.

Lead-out The Graham Norton Show went on to largely win its slot, with 7.4% – 8.6%.

But TV2’s network HD premiere of Batman Begins was competitive, averaging 5.9% – 7.6% over three hours and won its last hour outright in all the key demos.

Batman gags couldn’t save Sunday’s memorable re-run of The Simpsons, however, which, after several weeks of above-average ratings, averaged a shockingly low 3.0% – 3.3% against The Big Bang Theory’s 8.2% – 12.1%.

The 7.30 original rated better — 4.6% – 5.2% — and Family Guy 3.9% – 4.8% but both roughly were half as popular as TV One’s MasterChef NZ (6.4% – 12.1%).

However, Packed to the Rafters could average only 4.2% – 6.4% and House Husbands 3.9% -5.9% against TV2’s network premiere of PS I Love You (7.1% – 11.4%) while TV3’s SD re-run of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor had to settle for 4.6% – 7.7%.

The return of Country Calendar on Saturday won its slot, with 4.0% – 8.1%.

And although the final of Ice Road Truckers had more pulling power — 4.7% – 7.2% — than the competition, stablemates CSI and CSI: New York were largely beaten by TV2’s network SD premiere of Easy A.

On Thursday, Once Upon a Time bounced back to beat Bones in all the key demos except adults 25-54, although both lost to TV One’s Brit comedies.

And it was business as usual on Wednesday, with TV2’s My Kitchen Rules and HD comedies dominating until 9.30, when TV3’s Sons of Anarchy took charge.

3rd Degree averaged 3.7% – 7.4% against Winners and Losers’ 2.2% – 5.2%, with the latter being out-rated even by its SD lead-out, the premiere of Thelma’s Gypsy Girls (3.4% – 6.5%).

Tuesday was one of the week’s most competitive nights, with Kingdom of Plants averaging 4.1% – 8.1% against Revenge’s 6.3% – 10.1% and NCIS’ 4.3% – 8.8%.

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2 Responses to “HD Ratings: New Normal More Popular Than Old Normal”

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    March 26, 2013 at 8:29 am

    The Krusty the Clown Show?

  2. It was a reference to Sunday’s Simpsons ep, The Ten-Per-Cent Solution, in which Krusty’s show was pulled because of falling ratings.

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