HD Ratings: Not Quite a Classified Hit


The truth is out there — not everyone was thrilled about the return of The X-Files.

Thursday’s premiere won its slot in the 18-49 and 25-54 demographics but only had a comfortable lead among the latter — which is why it might have been a better fit for TV1 than TV2.

TV2’s younger-skewing viewership wasn’t as hooked. X-Files’ 4.8 rating/22.6 channel share of 18-49s only just edged out TV3’s re-run of Hitman (4.6 rating/21.3 share) while in the 18-39 demo, the latter was the clear winner — it averaged a 4.5 rating/22.8 share to Mulder and Scully’s 4.1 rating/21.0 share.

While X-Files’ premiere lifted TV2’s peak average audience by 10% week-on-week, programmers will have been concerned its 18-49 viewership plummeted over the two hours, from an opening 6.0 rating to a closing 2.6.

Its 5.9 rating/23.8 share of 25-54s was well ahead of Hitman’s 4.8 rating/19.4 share but it still shed 3.5 rating points in this demo.

TV1’s alternative, Kirstie and Phil’s Love It Or List It, finished third in TV1’s target 25-54 demo, with a 3.2 rating/13.1 share and won the hour only in the 5+ stakes with a 5.8 rating/21.1 share.

Lead-out The John Bishop Show also bombed with this age group, averaging only a 1.6 rating/7.5 share — although it had the disadvantage of starting halfway through X-Files and Hitman.

But the viewership of both shows was steady over the course of each hour.

TV1’s MasterChef Australia had a strong night, with 10% more viewers than it had averaged over the previous four Thursdays, but couldn’t stop the network’s primetime viewership from slumping 12% week-on-week.

TV2 won the night in the four key commercial demographics while TV1 beat TV3 in every one except 18-39.

TV3’s re-run of Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business flopped on Wednesday, when TV2’s repeat of Step Brothers dominated with a 6.0-8.9 rating average and 23-plus channel shares.

The latter had a solid lead-in from Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud 2, which averaged a 6.2-10.3 rating — off the back of Shortland Street’s 10.0-14.2 rating — against a competitive House Rules on TV3.

TV1’s launch of medical drama Code Black averaged a 5.2 rating/17 share of 25-54s but rated below 3.6 in the other key demos.

TV2 again won the night in the crucial demos while TV1 and TV3 seesawed. Although MasterChef Australia’s 25-54 audience was up nearly 50% week-on-week, and TV1’s peak-hour rating improved 2.5%, its share of this demo remained flat.

TV2’s three-hour reality block on Tuesday was again tops, while TV3’s NCIS and SVU led TV1’s Feeding the Super Rich and Nigel Latta in the 25-54, 18-49 and 18-39 demos.

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: Not Quite a Classified Hit”

  1. We enjoyed the first two episodes of X-Files and looking forward to watching the remaining four episodes of this series.

  2. While I was watching The X-Files last night strange lights were seen in the sky above where I live, it’s a shame I missed it and oh, it’s great having Mulder and Scully back 🙂

  3. I watched X-Files last nite. Quite enjoyed it.

  4. The first two eps were of the why bother variety. Ep3 last night was quirky but the best so far.

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