HD Ratings: Plants Kingdom Not as Hot as Africa

Tuesday’s premiere of Kingdom of the Plants sprouted fewer viewers than Africa in the same slot the previous week.

It averaged 3.9% – 7.3% of the key demographics but in each finished behind HD rivals Revenge and NCIS.

The two dramas see-sawed in the ratings, with the former having the edge: it averaged 7.2% – 10.4% and NCIS 6.8% – 11.2%.

NCIS benefitted from higher ratings for HD comedies Modern Family (6.4% – 8.4%) and Go On (4.8% – 5.9%) after their lead-ins, 3 News and Campbell Live, trounced One News and Seven Sharp.

NCIS: Los Angeles averaged 5.4% – 9.5% and Fringe 2.2% – 3.2%.

On Monday, TV2 again dominated with My Kitchen Rules dwarfing TV One and TV3’s HD reality shows, and The Big Bang Theory and Kitchen Nightmares doing likewise with dramas Criminal Minds (5.3% – 8.7%), The Following (1.3% – 6.2%) and The Blue Rose (2.5% – 3.7%).

TV3’s network HD premiere of Unstoppable on Sunday beat TV2’s Zombieland, averaging 8.3% – 9.1%.

It also out-rated TV One’s Packed to the Rafters (5.8% – 10.3%) in the 18-39 and 18-49 demos, and House Husbands (3.4% – 6.9%) in all the key demos.

At 7pm, Big Bang (4.0% – 4.8%) and The Simpsons (4.5% – 5.6%) finished well behind Sunday while at 7.30 MasterChef NZ averaged 8.9% – 13.2% against The Simpsons’ 6.1% – 8.1% and Family Guy’s 5.0% – 7.7%.

TV3’s HD troika of Ice Road Truckers, CSI and CSI: New York was tops with 25-54 year-olds and competitive with household shoppers while TV2’s Friday movie What a Girl Wants largely out-rated TV3’s Graham Norton Show (5.4% – 7.5%) after HD comedies Modern Family and Sunny Skies couldn’t rate above 3.7%.

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3 Responses to “HD Ratings: Plants Kingdom Not as Hot as Africa”

  1. First episode of Plants was a visual feast of rich colours and detailed close-ups. Wonderful stuff for nature fans! Unfortunately, the sound sucked, levels on Attenborough’s voice were all over the place, rendering parts of his narrative unintelligible.

  2. I am not surprised that Kingdom of Plants didn’t rate as well as Africa. No matter how good it may look, I find it hard to get excited by a programme on plants.

  3. I was excited at the evolution of plant life and the little tricks they employ to perpetuate their species …

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