HD Ratings: Rafters Sags As X Factor Packs ‘Em In

One of TV One’s biggest drama hits, Packed to the Rafters, has gone from rating through the roof to hitting rock bottom.

Thursday’s episode averaged only 2.4% – 5.5% of the major demographics while the news wasn’t better for the HD drama it screens opposite, TV2’s Mistresses.

The latter averaged 3.3% – 5.0% and was most popular with TV One’s target audience, 25-54 year-olds (Rafters rated only 3.8% of this demo).

The numbers for both 8.30 series are shockingly low, due to the popularity of TV3’s two-hour editions of The X Factor USA.

It averaged 7.4% – 9.1%, which was scarcely gangbusters until you compared it to TVNZ’s HD dramas.

TV2’s reality shows from 7.30-8.30 largely out-rated X Factor but the latter won its second hour hands down.

Its popularity helped Project Runway: All Stars, which tanked with its premiere the previous week, to lift its game to 4.5% – 5.3% of the key demos.

TV3’s The Block NZ had another strong night Wednesday, with 12.8% – 17.8%; TV2’s HD comedies averaged 8.9% – 13.0% (Two and a Half Men) and 8.0% – 11.4% (The Neighbors).

But at 8.30 a re-run of The Big Bang Theory helped to set up TV2 for the rest of the night.

It averaged 8.6% – 13.0%, lead-out Cougar Town rated 7.5% – 10.7% and 9.30 newcomer Tabatha Takes Over 6.0% – 9.3%.

Tabatha was up sharply on Devious Maids the previous week and easily won the hour opposite Scandal (1.5% – 3.7%) and Breakout Kings (1.8% – 3.6%).

Nothing Trivial’s 3.2% – 6.9% placed it third behind 3rd Degree’s 4.5% – 6.9%.

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One Response to “HD Ratings: Rafters Sags As X Factor Packs ‘Em In”

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    October 21, 2013 at 2:52 am

    Such a sad way for Rafters to end its final season with such low ratings but this was to be expected especially up against The X Factor juggernaut and it appears to be doing marginally better than Winners and Losers. Its interesting that The X Factor is doing so well here, compared to the US where it is struggling. I guess the only positive thing to come from this is the fact that Rafters will be ending for good and TV One has plenty of drama replacements for 2014, as for Scandal I do believe it needs to migrate to TV2 as a lead out for Grey’s Anatomy if it is to increase its ratings.

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