HD Ratings: Scandal Good News for Five-O

Scandal’s on-demand success didn’t do its free-to-air premiere any favours on Tuesday.

TV One’s new political drama bombed in its debut, with even TV3’s low-rating Hawaii Five-O beating it in some of the key demographics.

TVNZ reports Scandal has performed “exceedingly well” online, having received more than 132,000 streams since its August launch to become the fifth highest show of that month, ahead of Coronation Street, The Mentalist and Grey’s Anatomy.

Perhaps that, or the 18 months it’s taken to screen here, is why TV One’s 9.30 premiere tanked so badly in the face of weak opposition from Five-O and TV2’s Body of Proof.

The Kerry (Django) Washington drama averaged only 2.2% – 3.5% of the key demos compared to 3.8% – 7.5% for Proof and 2.7% – 3.3% for Five-O.

It will be interesting to see how it fares tonight opposite TV2’s under-performing Devious Maids and TV3’s struggling Breakout Kings.

If it doesn’t improve, expect TV One to pull Scandal from primetime after only its first seven-episode season if not earlier.

The Amazing Race’s first season in HD proved competitive, averaging 7.9% – 11.4% against The Block NZ’s 8.2% – 12.3% and out-rating TV One’s Coastwatch (4.4% – 8.9%) and Cause of Death: Unknown (5.4% – 9.0%).

It delivered enough of a lead-in for The Mentalist to average 6.2% – 11.2% opposite Wild About NZ’s 5.9% – 7.0%.

On Monday, the original Die Hard proved to be a perennial crowdpleaser, averaging 5.9% – 8.4% of the key demos — which was enough to out-rate the competition with adults 18-39.

Grey’s Anatomy averaged 6.2% – 11.0%, Private Practice (in its last 9.30 showing) 4.4% – 8.4%, Person of Interest 5.6% – 10.5% and Castle 3.1% – 7.3%.

At 7.30, TV2’s HD sitcoms The Middle (10.0% – 17.5%) and Suburgatory (7.2% – 13.6%) bounced back against The Block NZ (10.6% – 15.0%).

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4 Responses to “HD Ratings: Scandal Good News for Five-O”

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    September 11, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Happy Hawaii Five-O beats Scandal :), but with Breakout Kings still seeming to stay in its slot tonight with low ratings previously, maybe Five-O might stay a little longer, coming in second.

  2. Extremely disappointed with Scandal’s debut, the competition was weak and yet it was beaten by H5O! Are people not into dramas at 9.30 any more? I hope things turn around immediately as it will suffer the same fate as Winners and Losers.

  3. Could it be that Scandal really isn’t that good? Watchable but hardly great TV.

  4. Scandal may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it does deserve a decent run in primetime to grow and develop a following in New Zealand!

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